January, 2004 continued

Q: What made you decide to play this tournament (USTA National Open Women's Championships)?
A: "I needed some practice. I called my coach (at the University of Kentucky) and he said 'yes, you should definitely play that.' "

Q: You recently transferred to Kentucky. What made you decide to do that?
A: "In my freshman year I was supposed to go to Kentucky, but I didn't take SATs and my English was not very good so I just went to a small school first and then transferred."

Q: What are your tennis goals?
A: "I have two more years at school. I'm a junior. Then I'll try to play some pro tournaments. This summer as well I want to try some."

Q: What is your major?
A: "Marketing."

Q: How do you like Kentucky?
A: "I love it. It's is the best school. Our team is like new. We have five freshman and I'm new. There are also two new people coming next semester. we made National Indoors and we're 15 in the country right now."


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