Athletic Body Book Review:
Athletic Body In Balance by Gray Cook

Review by Francine Whu

Athletic Body in Balance is an excellent source to learn how to improve your athletic skills. The book suits all sports ranging from tennis to basketball to baseball.

Although the explanations were at times complicated and a little confusing, the attached video showed you exactly how the exercises should be done. Athletic Body in Balance is a relatively long book and it is very detailed with many chapters covering all the body parts. It also shows you how to detect weak spots in your body to prevent injuries.

Athletic Body in Balance covered every part of athletics. The information ranged from speed to endurance to flexibility and strength. Athletic Body in Balance is a helpful book for both the athlete and the coach.


Athletic Body In Balance is published by Human Kinetics and is available at Amazon for $13.97

Our reviewer, Francine Whu (pictured left), is currently No. 1 in the Eastern Girls 16s and ranked in the Top 80 nationally.

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