Men - April 18-20 at Club 4Life in Monroeville, PA
XAVIER 4, GEORGE WASHINGTON 0 Doug Matthews (X) defeated Mustafa Genscoy (GW), 6-4,3-6,6-4
Chris Herrlinger (X) defeated Yan Levinksi (GW), 7-6(4),7-5
Ra'ees Ismail (X) defeated Sam Salyer (GW), 2-6,6-4,6-4
Erik Hannah (GW) vs. J.T. Torbeck (X), 6-4,6-7(5),4-1 Did Not Finish
Mark Doumba (GW) vs. Brian Schubert (X), 7-5,4-6,5-1 Did Not Finish
Chris Kushma (GW) vs. Mike Dieciuc (X), 6-3,5-7,4-3 Did Not Finish
Herrlinger/Matthews (X) defeated Genscoy/Doumba (GW), 8-6
Ismail/Torbeck (X) defeated Hannah/Schlachter (GW), 8-5
Levinksi/Salyer (GW) defeated Palmenter/Starr (X), 8-6

Most Outstanding Performer: Doug Matthews, Xavier
Most Outstanding Rookie Performer: Yan Levinski, George Washington
Coach of the Year: Eric Toth, Xavier

Women - April 4-6 at Club 4Life in Monroeville, PA
Temple 4, Xavier 0 Dina Senkina (T) vs. Kara Courtney (X), 6-4,4-3 Did Not Finish
Elyse Steiner (T) defeated Tifanie Treece (X), 6-3,6-4
Lucie Pazderova (T) defeated Kelsey Kinnard (X), 6-1,6-3
Christine Clermont (T) vs. Jill Ducro (X), 6-4,2-1 Did Not Finish
Anastasia Rukavyshnykova (T) defeated Kaitlyn Zinn (X), 6-4,6-0
Jeanette Feider (X) vs. Felicia Frazier (T), 6-2,4-0 Did Not Finish
Christine Clermont/Anastasiia Rukavyshnykova (T) defeated Kara Courtney/Jeanette Feider (X), 8-3
Elyse Steiner/Dina Senkina (T) defeated Christie Pleiman/Tifanie Treece (X), 8-1
Jill Durco/Aylin Seyalioglu (X) vs. Theresa Stangl/Lucie Pazderova (T), 6-4, Did Not Finish

Most Outstanding Performer: Dina Senkina, Temple
Most Outstanding Rookie Performer: Zina Williams, Duquesne
Coach of the Year: Jill Breslin, Temple

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