March 19, 2002 continued

Bea Bielik

During her first two years at Wake Forest, Bea was plagued by injuries. Despite this she still won the singles and doubles titles at the 2000 T. Rowe Price National Claycourt Championships. She finished the 2000-01 season at number three.

Bea has kept her health in check this season and has earned her top spot in the rankings with a singles win at the Omni National Indoor Championships (she was also a doubles finalist). Bea's current record for the 2001-02 season is 20-1 in singles and 25-2 in doubles with Janet Bergman.

The hectic schedule of tennis and school has kept Bea from coming back to New York recently, but we were able to talk on the phone about her current status and her future plans.

by Marcia Frost

* * *

Q: Are you surprised that you have remained number one all year?

A: "I wouldn't say that I'm surprised. I've been working really hard and I'm keeping up with things. I've been playing better every match. I know my capabilities and what I can accomplish if I'm playing good tennis. I don't see many people ahead of me right now."

Q: What were your goals going into this season?

A: "Basically I just wanted to stay healthy and be able to do that for a long period of time. I had some trouble with injuries in the first two years (at college) which have complicated things a little bit, but, obviously I knew if I stayed healthy and was able to train full-time and not have to take time off that things would become really successful for me."


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