Big East - April 2002

Notre Dame 4, Miami 1
Todd Widom (M) defeated Javier Taborga (ND), 6-2,7-5
Casey Smith (ND) -- pictured right -- defeated Tomas Smid (M), 6-4,6-4
Aaron Talarico (ND) vs. Andrew Golub (M), Did Not Finish
Luis Haddock (ND) vs. Jose Lieberman (M), Did Not Finish
Matt Scott (ND) defeated Joel Berman (M), 6-4,6-3
Andrew Laflin (ND) defeated Tarik El Bassiouni (M), 6-1,6-4
Javier Taborga/Matt Scott (ND) defeated Tomas Smid/Todd Widom (M), 8-4
Ashok Raju/Aaron Talarico (ND) defeated Joel Berman/Tarik El Bassiouni (M), 8-3
Luis Haddock/Brent D’Amico (ND) vs. Andrew Golub/Jose Lieberman (M), Did Not Finish
Virginia Tech 4, Rutgers 0
Saber Kadiri (VT) defeated Akshay Jagdale (R), 6-2,6-4
Francis Huot (VT) defeated Greg Schweitzer (R), 6-1,6-3
Stephane Rod (VT) vs. Maarten Vissers (R), Did Not Finish
Davor Dupljak (VT) vs. Kevin Bielen (R), Did Not Finish
Andreas Laulund (VT) defeated Brook Deming (R), 6-0,6-3
Michael Kurz (VT) vs. Takashi Zetsu (R), Did Not Finish
Akshay Jagdale/Greg Schweitzer (R) defeated Saber Kadiri/Francis Huot (VT), 8-6
Andreas Laulund/Stephane Rod (VT) defeated Maarten Vissers/Kevin Bielen (R), 8-2
Grant Reynolds/Michael Kurz (VT) defeated Pavan Gramminger/Chris Kushner (R) 9-7

Miami 4, Notre Dame 1
Mari Toro (M) defeated Becky Varnum (ND), 6-1,6-3
Marcy Hora (M) defeated Nina Vaughan (ND), 6-0,7-6(5)
Staci Stevens (M) defeated Lindsey Green (ND), 6-4,7-5
Sihem Bennacer (M) vs. Alicia Salas (ND), Did Not Finish
Ewelina Skaza (M) vs. Katie Cunha (ND), Did Not Finish
Sara Robbins (M) defeated Sarah Jane Connelly (ND), 6-2,6-1
Katie Cunha/Lindsey Green (ND) defeated Mari Toro/Marcy Hora (M), 8-4
Igna deVilliers/Abby Smith (M) defeated Becky Varnum/Nina Vaughan (ND), 8-4
Sarah Jane Connelly/Alicia Salas (ND) defeated Staci Stevens/Sara Robbins (M), 8-6
Virginia Tech 4, Boston College 1
Kristin Stubbs (VT) vs. Allison Ashley (BC), Did Not Finish
Ines Khelifi (VT) defeated Nida Waseem (BC), 6-3,6-1
Meredith Vincent (VT) vs. Morgan Landes (BC), Did Not Finish
Ruta Veitas (BC) defeated Carolyn Kramer (VT), 6-3,6-4
Ginger Lowdermilk (VT) defeated Amy Molden (BC), 6-4,6-3
Zdenka Videnova (VT) defeated Anisha Fernando (BC), 6-1,6-4
Meredith Vincent (VT) vs. Ruta Veitas/Nida Waseem (BC), Did Not Finish
Kristen Stubbs/Zdenka Videnova (VT) defeated Allison Ashley/Emily Hellberg (BC), 8-1
Carolyn Kramer/Ginger Lowdermilk (VT) defeated Anisha Fernando/Emily Yeomans (BC), 8-2

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