Men - April 24-27 in Indian Wells, CA
UCSB 4, Pacific 0
Philip Therp (UCSB) defeated Moritz Starke (P), 7-5,6-3
David Gonzalez (P) vs. Bijan Hejazi (UCSB), Did Not Finish
Jack Hui (UCSB) defeated Renan Delsin (P), 6-3,7-6(5)
Artem Gramma (P) vs. Alex Konigsfeldt (UCSB), Did Not Finish
Vegerd Veskimagi (P) vs. Anders Dalskov (UCSB), Did Not Finish
Max Taylor (UCSB) defeated Austin Kakar (P), 6-1,6-1
Moritz Starke/Renan Delsin (P) vs. Philip Therp/Bijan Hejazi (UCSB), Did Not Finish
Alex Konigsfeldt/Josh Finkelstein (UCSB) defeated David Gonzalez/Austin Kakar (P), 8-2
Jack Hui/Anders Dalskov (UCSB) defeated Artem Gramma/Vegerd Veskimagi (P), 8-3

Co-Coach of the Year: Guido Baumann, Pacific & Marty Davis, UCSB
Freshman of the Year: David Gonzalez, Pacific

Women - April 24-27 in Indian Wells, CA
Long Beach State 4, UC Irvine 0
Stephanie Bengson (LBS) defeated Inna Agababian (UCI), 6-1,6-3
Deborah Armstrong (LBS) defeated Clare Fermin (UCI), 7-5,6-4
Stephanie Jeanes (LBS) defeated Brooke Bartlett (UCI), 7-6,6-3
Grady/Bengson (LBS) defeated Agababian/Bernhard (UCI), 8-0
Armstrong/Sutton (LBS) defeated Borowicz/Broadfoot (UCI), 8-2

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