Monday, January 1, 2006
at the Hilton El Conquistador
Tucson, Arizona

To help players learn more about the College Tennis process and connect better with college coaches, on Monday, January 1st there will be a Bowl College Tennis Showcase at the Hilton El Conquistador in Tucson, Arizona. The Showcase will include a USTA presented informational seminar for college-bound athletes as well as a multitude of information for players and the chance to connect with college coaches. The Showcase is for players of the tournament.

Per NCAA regulations, Players will only be permitted to attend the Bowl College Tennis Showcase prior to registration for the tournament on January 1st.

After you have entered the Copper Bowl, High School Juniors and Seniors wishing to participate in the College Tennis Showcase, should fill out the Player Profile form. There is no charge to players for participation.


The 2007 Copper Bowl is an excellent opportunity for you to connect with players you might not get to see this time of year.* In addition to the January 1st Showcase, we will also be hosting a Golf Tournament on January 2nd for coaches who participate in the Showcase.

College Coaches wishing to connect with prospective student-athletes at the College Tennis Showcase, please fill out the Registration form.

Coaches and players who require more information, contact Marcia Frost at Discount Package available to Copper Bowl players.
Note: Workbooks ordered with this discount will not be mailed, they will be available for pickup at the Copper Bowl.

* High School Juniors and High School Seniors will be identified throughout the Showcase to keep everyone within compliance.


This showcase is being presented by and Dickinson Sports.