January, 2008 continued

Q: Lauren, I understand you are going to Princeton.
Lauren: "Yes, I am. When I first went there, I just fell in love with the campus and everything. And I really liked the coaches and the team. I was deciding between Princeton and UVA (University of Virginia)."

Q: Christina, are you thinking about college?
Christina: "Yeah, but I'll see how it goes when I become a senior (in two years)."

Q: "Did the two of you start playing tennis at the same time?"
Christina: "Yes. Lauren was seven and I was six."

Q: "Where do you train?"
Lauren: "In Alpine, New Jersey, with Carlos Cano and Gordon Uehling at the Tenafly Racquet Club."

Q: Christina, have you also been training in Florida at the new USTA facility?
Christina: "I have a dorm there and whenever I want I can go down and train there. I can go down there for like two weeks at a time."

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