October 11,2005


Dear Coach:


The USTA/Eastern Section and the USTA National Tennis Center cordially invite you to attend our nineteenth annual "College Showcase Day" on Sunday, November 20th, 2005.


A mailing has just gone out to junior players.We are expecting at least 150 high school seniors and 150 high school juniors. The participants will be mostly of nationally, sectionally and regionally ranked players from New York, New Jersey and the surrounding areas.(The event was so popular last year that we have opened up the Showcase this year to players from all sections, with first priority going to our players.)


We have done a number of things to improve the experience this year.First, we have divided the day between high school seniors and juniors to allow the coaches more time with seniors. (This also gives us the ability to invite more players.)Second, we have added some informal seminars to keep the coaches busy while the juniors look over the materials from your schools.Third, we are working with high school coaches to make sure that high school players (who donít always play USTA tennis) have the opportunity to come.


The final change this year is that we have decided to charge a nominal fee for coaches.While the latter may seem like a disadvantage to you, we think that it will improve the situation for all and avoid the confusion from last year.Last year we had 110 coaches around the Playerís Lounge.This year we are reconfiguring to allow for more and will assign the tables as the registration forms come in.The fee ($100 for a full table; $55 for a half table) will guarantee a pre-reserved table; player profile books; seminars; and refreshments.††


The schedule of events in Arthur Ashe Stadium are as follows:


8:30am           Coaches Arrive & Register


9:30-10:00†††††††† High School Juniors Arrive & Register


10:00-12:00†††††† Coaches in Players Dining Room for Refreshments and informal

††††††††††††††††††††††† Seminars on Publicity for your team, Recruiting & Helping your Club Teams

10:00-11:00    †† 1st group of HS Juniors  in Interview Room for College Planning Seminars 
                      2nd group of HS Juniors in Players Lounge with materials from colleges

11:00-Noon    ††† 2nd Group of HS Juniors in Interview room for College Planning Seminars  
                      1st group of HS Juniors in Players Lounge with materials from colleges

12:00pm         †† High School Juniors Depart


12:30pm         †† High School Seniors Arrive/Register

1:00-3:00pm    1st Group of HS Seniors  in Interview room for College Planning Seminars 

                      2nd Group of HS Seniors  in Players Lounge to Meet With Coaches

3:00-5:00pm    2nd Group of HS Seniors in Interview room for College Planning Seminars  
                      1st Group of HS Seniors in Players Lounge to Meet With Coaches


If you canít personally attend we hope that you can send an assistant coach or another representative.Each player attending the event will receive a college portfolio.Even if you or your representative can not attend, please fill out the coaches profile form and return it to Julie Bliss so it can be included in the packet:


Coaches Profile Form



Coaches Registration Form




NCAA schools, please send only NCAA approved school information.Each coach attending the showcase will receive a dossier on each student containing tennis and academic information.Coaches who cannot attend and would like to receive a player dossier can do so for $15 shipping).



Marcia Frost, Editor-College And Junior Tennis & College Tennis Connect
Member, USTA/Eastern College Tennis Committee
Julie Bliss, Director of High Performance
USTA/Eastern Section
Dede Allen, College Tennis Expert
Former Administrator of USTA
Junior Tennis & Former Wake Forest Coach
Bill Mountford
, Director of Tennis of the USTA National Tennis Center
& Former
Tennis Coach


The USTA National Tennis Center is located in Flushing Meadow - Corona Park, Flushing, NY.If you need any additional information about the event please contact the Eastern office at (914) 698-0414 ext. 21.


The Eastern College Showcase Day complies with NCAA recruitment guidelines and counts as one (1) off campus contact made with each of the players in attendance.