Colonial Athletic League

Men - Newport News, Virginia - April 19-22
Georgia State 4, Old Dominion 2
Martin Stiegwardt (GS) defeated Harel Srugo (OD), 1-6,6-3,6-1
Henrique Cancado (OD) defeated Nejc Podkrasjsek (GS), 6-2,6-3
Alex Seleznev (OD) vs. Mattias Skold (GS), 3-6,6-4,3-5 Did Not Finish
Eidy Igarashi (OD) defeated Andres Arango (GS), 7-5,6-1
Anze Cevka (GS) defeated Rodrigo Souza (OD), 6-3,6-2
Daniel Balog (GS) defeated Yakov Diskin (OD), 7-5,5-7,6-3
Srugo/Cancado (OD) defeated Stiegwardt/Cevka (GS), 8-1
Podkrajsek/Skold (GS) defeated Seleznev/Igarashi (OD), 8-6
Arango/Augusto Alvarado (GS) defeated Souza/Dom Manilla (OD), 8-5

Coach of the Year: Darryl Cummings, Old Dominion
Player of the Year: Harel Srugo, Old Dominion
Rookie of the Year: Mattias Skold, Old Dominion

Women - Newport News, Virginia - April 19-22

William and Mary 4, VCU 0
Megan Moulton-Levy (W&M) vs. Tatsiana Uvarova (VCU), 6-4,3-3 Did Not Finish
Katarina Zoricic (W&M) vs. Marianna Yuferova (VCU), 6-4,1-2 Did Not Finish
Ragini Acharya (W&M) defeated Olga Borisova (VCU), 6-1,6-2
Klaudyna Kasztelaniec (W&M) defeated Viktoria Konstantinova (VCU), 6-4,6-0
Magdalena Bresson (W&M) defeated Olena Leonchuck (VCU), 6-3,6-3
Lauren Sabacinski (W&M) vs. Vera Petrashevitch (VCU), 6-3,5-3 Did Not Finish
Megan Moulton-Levy/Katarina Zoricic (W&M) defeated Olga Borisova/Marianna Yuferova (VCU), 8-2
Vera Petrashevitch/Tatsiana Uvarova (VCU) defeated Kasztelaniec/Barbara Zidek (W&M), 8-4
Ragini Acharya/Magdalena Bresson (W&M) defeated Olena Leonchuk/Viktoria Konstantinova (VCU), 8-5

Coach of the Year: Kevin Epley, William & Mary
Player of the Year: Megan Moulton-Levy, William & Mary
Rookie of the Year: Ragini Acharya, William & Mary
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