Men - April 18-20 at SMU
Tulsa 4, Rice 1

Arnau Brugues (T) -- pictured above -- defeated Bruno Rosa (R), 6-1,6-4
Christoph Muller (R) defeated Victor Kolik (T), 6-4,6-2
Will Gray (T) defeated Ralph Knupfer (R), 6-3,6-4
Ricardo Soriano (T) vs. Chong Wang (R), 6-3,3-6,1-2 Did Not Finish
Alberto Sottocorno (T) vs. Filip Zivojinovic (R), 7-6(3),4-1 Did Not Finish
Ross Cunningham (T) defeated Dennis Polyakov (R), 6-1,6-3
Andy Connelly/Ross Cunningham (T) vs. Christoph Muller/Ralph Knupfer (R) 5-7 Did Not Finish
Arnau Brugues/Ricardo Soriano (T) defeated Chong Wang/Tobias Scheil (R), 9-7
Victor Kolik/Alberto Sottocorno (T) defeated Bruno Rosa/Filip Zivojinovic (R), 8-3

Coach of the Year: Vince Westbrook, Tulsa
Player of the Year: Arnau Brugues, Tulsa
Freshman of the Year: Victor Kolik, Tulsa
Newcomer of the Year Bruno Rosa, Rice
Outstanding Player of the Tournament: Arnau Brugues, Tulsa

Women - April 18-20 at University of Houston

Tulsa 4, Marshall 1
Alexandra Kichoutkin (T) defeated Kellie Schmitt (M), 7-6,6-1
Thalia Diaz-Barriga (T) defeated Jeanne Schwartz (M), 6-1,6-4
Carla Zabaleta (T) vs. Karolina Soor (M), Did Not Finish
Rebecca Row (T) defeated Isabell Raich (M), 6-3,6-1
Marta Marcinkowska (T) defeated Thaddea Lock (M), 6-2,6-1
Agostina Santoro (T) vs. Jessica Keener (M), Did Not Finish
Karolina Soor/Kellie Schmitt (M) defeated Alexandra Kichoutkin/Carla Zabaleta (T), 8-5
Thalia Diaz-Barriga/Marta Marcinkowska (T) defeated Jeanne Schwartz/Isabell Raich (M), 8-2
Jessica Keener/Thaddea Lock (M) defeated Jie Zeng/Rebecca Row (T), 8-5

Coach of the Year: Dean Orford, Tulsa
Player of the Year: Kellie Schmitt, Marshall
Freshman of the Year: Kellie Schmitt, Marshall
Newcomer of the Year Nicole Briceno, SMU
Outstanding Player of the Tournament: Alexandra Kichoutkin, Tulsa

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