December, 2006 continued

Q: Is it tough being so far away from the mainland when all the tournaments are here?
A: "It was at the beginning when I was 14, but I got used to it."

Q: Does anyone else in your family play tennis?
A: "My brother, my older brother is at the University of Hawaii. It's his last year playing."

Q: Are you thinking about college?
A: "Yes, college is an option for me. Right now I'm a junior. I have time. I'm just seeing how it goes. I'm playing a lot of Futures and trying to get my ATP up."

Q: How old were you when you started playing tennis?
A: "Four years old."

Q: And when was your first tournament?
A: "My first tournament was a local tournament in Hawaii, 7 and unders."

Q: Where do you train?
A: "In Delray at the International Tennis Academy, but in Hawaii I work out with some of the University (of Hawaii-Honolulu) players."

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