August, 2004 continued

Q: It will be different this year. Will that be the tournament you are playing next -- the US Open?
A: "It will be the Junior US Open, or possibly the women's Qualifying. My focus right now is to take the Global Regents when I get home. I was in England for the Global Regents and I have to make it up for school and take the SATs."

Q: Are you playing doubles at the Open?
A: "Yes. I don't know who my partner is yet."

Q: You play the violin. Is that still an important part of your life since you've been traveling so much for tennis?
A: "It really is. I think that it's really tough to pick one over the other when it's such a huge aspect of my life. I manage."

Q: At what age did you start playing tennis?
A: "Eight years old. I took it up earlier, but I played my first tournament at eight."

Q: Did your father's death effect your tennis?
A: "If anything it was more of an inspiration for me."
A (adds her mother): He really supported her tennis."

Elizabeth is pictured above with her mother, Dorothy

* * *

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