Final 2008-09 Season
Men's Doubles

1. Bes/Hoekzema, Embry-Riddle
2. Joli/Gonzalez, Fresno Pacific
3. Bolsius/Weber, Azusa Pacific
4. Menzen/Chiriacov, SCAD
5. Ventre/Vaisse, Cal Baptist
6. Van Cauter/Thies, Oklahoma Christian
7. Brodar/Sanberg, Vanguard
8. Foelz/Adam, Fresno Pacific
T9. Bayh/Rice, Embry-Riddle
T9. Ristow/Mejia, Bethel
11. Wheeler/Hilker, Point Loma
12. Caffardo/Brobeck, Graceland
13. Albaugh/Myers, Point Loma
14. Andermatt/Cardoso, Webber Int'l
T15. Cirne-Lima/Andrzjczuk, Cal Baptist
T15. Hollarn/Azputovic, Baker
17. Berhane/Dufour, Lewis & Clark
18. Francis/Bolgar, Embry-Riddle
T19. Cox/Kalayjian, Westmont
T19. Green/Giles-Osborn, Xavier

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