Final 2007-08 Season
Men's Doubles

1. Carvalho/Tolentino, Laredo Community College
2. Cederqvist/Winklaar, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
3. Petrunin/McLuskey, Tyler Junior College
4. Hume/Cole, Collin County Community College
5. Burgess/Billingham, Cowley County Community College
6. Millan/O'Grady, Scottsdale Community College
7. Harrison/Harrison, Johnson County Community College
8. Coffey/Arguello, Seminole State Community College
9. Harlow/Kanavos, Vincennes University
10. Arias/Santos, Laredo Community College
11. Latypov/Namias, Barton County Community College
12. Piche/da Silva, University of Arkansas-Fort Smith
13. Fulgenzi/Garcia, New Mexico Military
14. Haley/Robinson, Tyler Junior College
15. Smith/Vieillard, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
16. Lawson/Carregal, Temple College
17. Abreu/Romanzini, Seward County Community College
18. Sanna/Sperb, Johnson County Community College
19. Suca/Weigelt, Barton County Community College
20. Rozenfeld/Davis, Collin County Community College
21. Ballard/Linconir, Itawamba Community College
22. Cangiano/Nicotra, Meridian Community College
23. Maslau/Tabachnikov, Hinds Community College
24. Schwartz/Schwartz, Mesa Community College
25. Tabler/Terrell, University of Arkansas-Fort Smith
26. King/Smith, Vincennes University
27. Morales/Lidzar, Seminole State Community College
28. Michelli/Souza, Seward County Community College
29. Mendes/Pimenta, Cowley County Community College
30. Ranguelov/Jackson, Spartanburg Methodist
31. Phiri/Roessle, Tyler Junior College
32. Cepede/Henderson, Meridian Community College
33. Hazelman/Romero, New Mexico Military
34. Ozegovic/Williams, Temple College
35. Gelina/Radulovic, Johnson County Community College
36. Springett/Carter, Seminole State Community College
37. Dunseith/Imhoff, Vincennes University
38. Saia/White, Cowley County Community College
39. Leeman/Rosindo, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
40. Baldwin/Teichmiller, Central Alabama Community College

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Monthly Guides to
College Tennis Planning
Available in Kindle, Print & EBook
for H.S. Seniors and H.S. Juniors

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