Final 2008-09 Season
Women's Singles

1. Jillian O'Neill, Hillsborough Community College
2. Monika Lalewicz, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
3. Olivia Howlett, Hillsborough Community College
4. Nadia Lee, Lee College
5. Barbara Oliviera, Seminole State Community College
6. Anna Vavrik, Meridian Community College
7. Adrijana Pavolic, Cowley County Community College
8. Deballah Ghezylene, Barton County
9. Madeline Johnson, St. Petersburg College
10. Lorraine Favoretto, Laredo Community College
11. Iris Rendon, Tyler Junior College
12. Melanie Viriyapunt, Eastern Arizona College
13. Daria Erogova, Hinds County
14. Claudia Aguilar, Lewis & Clark
15. Alex Glebova, Florida Community College
16. Bethania Laan, Central Florida Community College
17. Ashlea Baker, Temple College
18. Anehla Pehlic, Glendale Community College
19. Stephanie (Stevie) Fortney, Kalamazoo Valley
20. Rachel Rossi, Marion Military Institute
21. Stanislava Harvanova, Univ. Arkansas-Ft. Smith
22. Courtney Cobb, Collin County Community College
23. Arina Yakovtseva, Florida Community College
24. Callie Woerner, Collin County Community College
25. Cimen Soy, North Central Texas College
26. Anna Zurek, Tyler Junior College
27. Alejandra Gamboa, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
28. Jessica Montemayor, Cowley County Community College
29. Frederique Sunstrum, Lee College
30. Kate Mazackova, Central Florida Community College
31. Raven Lewis, Temple College
32. Dania Navarro, St. Petersburg College
33. Cassandra Klebler, Seminole State Community College
34. Flavia Picano, Laredo Community College
35. Fabiola Wisnewski, Seward County
36. Calisia Reed, Barton County
37. Tamra Bryson, Univ. Arkansas-Ft. Smith
38. Amanda Pettey, Oakland Community College
39. Nicole TenBrink, Grand Rapids Community College
40. Aline Ferreira, Hinds County
41. Maria Andrade, Cecil College
42. Kelly Sterling, Meridian Community College
43. Julie Konwinski, Grand Rapids Community College
44. Audrey Hernandez, Lee College
45. Sureena Weir, Tyler Junior College
46. Chad'e Scott, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
47. Courtney Spafford, Hillsborough Community College
48. Lara Hijbeek, Florida Community College
49. Marie Liwuslili, Collin County Community College
50. Ashton Hartley, Meridian Community College
51. Jamie Blackim, Cowley County
52. Katherine Kelly, North Central Texas College
53. Giannina Mulky, Eastern Arizona
54. Hagar Caro, Tyler Junior College
55. Gina Solis, Collin County Community College
56. Cevannah Cox, Snead State College
56. Julie Kerr, Glendale Community College
57. Charlotte Delvaux, Univ. Arkansas-Ft. Smith
58. Taylor Miller, Marion Military Institute
59. Chelsey Lynn, Florida Community College
60. Jo'Vonna Gaines, North Central Texas College
61. Chelsea Creed, Lee College
62. Valerie Stevens, Seward County
63. Laure Bassi, Hillsborough Community College
64. Katy Shoptaugh, Meridian Community College
65. Chelsea Smith, Seminole State Community College
66. Shea Schmidt, Barton County
67. Cynthia Sands, Pima Community College
68. Kelsey Harness, Kalamazoo Valley
69. Reese Hall, Temple College
70. Julianna Boas, Seward County
71. Lindsey Bohne, Eastern Arizona College
72. Leticia Tomb, St. Pete College
73. Carrie Dixon, Young Harris College
74. Emily Marinelli, Oakland Community College
75. Calli Robinson, Abraham Baldwin Agri. College
76. Francesca Bassoo, Lee College
77. Fatma Kuzu, Collin County Comm. College
78. Jessica McAtee, Florida Community College
79. Casey Bulls, Tyler Jr. College
80. Elle Martin, North Central Texas College
81. Ashley Albro, Hillsborough Community College
82. Anna Lobnitz, Temple College
83. Michelle Feenstra, Grand Rapids Community College
84. Brittany Osborn, North Central Texas College
85. Shawna Pohlers, Univ. Arkansas-Ft. Smith
86. Joanna Torres, Seminole St.
87. Sherika Trader, Hinds County
88. Kesha McConha-Schultz, Kalamazoo Valley
89. Vanessa Simoski, Oakland Community College
90. Madelyn Lumpkin, Tyler Jr. College
91. Brittany Tobin, Collin County Community College
92. Hyungh Huong, Lee College
93. Brittney Bowden, Hillsborough Community College
94. Arianna Lopez, Florida Community College
95. Julie Mermis, Barton County
96. Ali Brackey, Pima Community College
97. Kelly Bush, Central Florida C.C.
98. Tara Beacham, St. Pete College
99. Brittany Johnson, Kalamazoo Valley
100. Lindsay Farmer, Grand Rapids Community College

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