Over the past weeks, many of us here at the U.S. Open have been asked how we can continue a tennis tournament as if nothing has happened in New Orleans. The fact is, we are not. The horrors of Hurricane Katrina have touched us all and have not left our thoughts. Just as we learned after 9-11, which will have its fourth anniversary tomorrow, an outlet is needed to help those who feel helpless. I was one of those experiencing this helplessness as I too had missing relatives. Attending tennis matches and writing about them was my outlet during this time (my relatives have since been found, unharmed and their home is in better shape than most).

It is not entirely true that there is nothing we can do and many at the U.S. Open have shown that. The USTA has donated $500,000 from U.S. Open proceeds to the American Red Cross. Maria Sharapova and Roger Federer led many other U.S. Open players in the ATP and the Sony Ericsson Tour joint charitable initiatives to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina. They have donated items for auction at Please visit this site and/or the Red Cross.

Thank You,
Marcia Frost, Editor
College And Junior Tennis