April, 2004 - Spring
Women's Singles

1. Naika Piluso, Temple
2. Idalina Franca, Independence
3. Cindy Thomas, Collin County
4. Alejandra Miranda, Seward County
5. Shasta Brown, Wallace State
6. Sarah Reimer, Mesa
7. Megan de Blonk, Johnson County
T8. Kristen Gibson, Sinclair
T8. Lindsey Keim, Kalamazoo Valley
10. Cyndi Nagi, Scottsdale
11. Elyse Jacques, Temple College
12. Jeanine Stevenson, Wallace State
13. Jenny Crank, Cowley County
14. Brett Anderson, Hinds
15. Sarah Henry, Central Alabama
16. Jill Hocker, Cowley County
17. Lisa Coleman, Johnson County
18. Lindsey Hardy, Mesa
19. Alana Shockey, Central Alabama
20. Jennifer Meeker, Wallace State
21. Nieve Cleary, Mississippi Gulf Coast
22. Jordan Ladner, Jones County
23. Jullian Foster, Meridian
24. Angela Mier, Scottsdale
25. Lisa Jackson, Seminole State
26. Amy Cole, Meridian
27. Michelle Lord, Young Harris
28. Ashley Hall, Copiah-Lincoln
29. Laina Ballew, Temple College
30. Shelly Cotton, Central Alabama
31. Alana McCormack, Wallace State
32. Amanda Garrett, Itawamba
33. Chelsey Michalik, Temple College
34. Billie Blocker, Collin County
35. Sarah Garman, Mississippi Gulf Coast
36. Veronica Bansemer, Seward County
37. Delane Cassell, Jones County
38. Becky Koochel, Barton
39. Beth Carter, Collin County
40. Heidi Schnizlein, Mesa
41. Abra Amwake, Scottsdale
42. Naomi Boland, Young Harris
43. Stephanie Scott, Kalamazoo Valley
44. Jennifer Peoples, Seminole State
45. Shelly Griffith, Johnson County
46. Ashley Neighbors, Seminole State
47. Tracey Dooley, Sinclair
48. Holly Yearwood, Central Alabama
49. Carny Sanford, Wallace State
50. Mandy Beynon, Collin County
51. Casey Johns, Wallace State
52. Shelly Holmstrom, Temple College
53. Kelly Church, Lewis & Clark
54. Lisa Donahue, Collin County
55. Janet Munger, Temple College

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