April, 2003 continued

Brenda & Jackie Jenkins gather the family to watch Jarmere's matches.

A: "Actually, I have fun at all tournaments. I have fun on the court."

Q: Tell me about your family and tennis.
A: "I have five brothers that play, but eight brothers in all and one sister. Jackie, Jarmaine, Terrence and Richard all play (competitively). Jarmaine's at Clemson, Jackie's at Northwestern."

Q: Is there any touranment you haven't played yet that you are looking forward to playing?
A: "The Easter Bowl."

Q: What tournament are you playing next?
A: "It's a tournament at Clemson (the BullFrog USTA Southern Section Designated)."

Q: When are you planning on moving into the 14s?
A: "I'm already playing some 14s and even 16s."

Q: What about the Super Nationals this summer?
A: "I'm playing all of them. I'll try to get into the 14s."


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