Men's Team - May 12-16
at the Peachtree City Tennis Center in Peachtree City, Georgia



Second Round
Azusa Pacific 5, Aquinas 0
Sam Fletcher (AP) defeated Nathaniel Price (A), 6-0,6-1
Boris Bakalov (AP) vs. Matthew Garner (A), 6-6(3-2) Did Not Finish
Jason Walsh (A) vs. Adam Davidson (AP), 7-5,1-2 Did Not Finish
Gordon Hong (AP) vs. Jason Winegar (A), 6-4,4-2 Did Not Finish
Thomas Jelsma (AP) vs. Jared Flick (A), 6-1,4-3 Did Not Finish
Cole Billings (AP) defeated Roger Lourido (A), 6-0,6-2
Fletcher/Davidson (AP) defeated Price/Wineger (A), 8-6
Bakalov/Jelsma (AP) defeated Walsh/Flick (A), 8-5
Billings/Hong (AP) defeated Garner/Brian Ahmedani (A), 8-5
Berry 7, Northwood 2
Dennis den Boer (B) defeated Richie Brown (N), 6-4,3-6,6-4
Sven Plass (B) defeated Fabricio Currca (N), 7-6(4),6-3
Tyler Faulkner (B) defeated Thibault Roux (N), 6-0,6-2
Rafa Rodriguez (B) defeated Milos Stefanovic (N), 1-6,7-5,7-5
Daniel Belair (N) defeated Philip Campbell (B), 6-2,6-2
Marc Duckeck (B) defeated Simon Peladeno (N), 3-6,6-3,6-3
Den Boer/Faulkner (B) defeated Brown/Corrca (N), 8-5
Plass/Rodriguez (B) defeated Stefanovic/Roux (N), 8-5
Belair/Peladeno (N) defeated Campbell/Duckeck (B), 8-4
Virginia Intermont 5, Shorter 1
Jorge Acencio (VI) defeated Jean Paul Gulino (S), 6-2,6-0
Thiago Barbosa (VI) vs. Renato Mizutani (S), 6-2,4-3 Did Not Finish
Juan Pablo Selle (S) vs. David Halldorson (VI), 7-5,1-1 Did Not Finish
Vinicius Bitencourt (VI) defeated Ivan Mardones (S), 6-1,6-4
Rafael Fritzen (S) vs. Brandon Pike (VI), 6-3,3-4 Did Not Finish
Luis Lazo De La Vega (VI) defeated Nelson Gonzales (S), 6-1,6-0
Ascencio/Barbosa (VI) defeated Gulino/Mizutani (S), 8-2
Mardones/Selle (S) defeated Halldorsson/Bitencourt (VI), 8-4
Pike/De La Vega (VI) defeated Fritzen/Cameron Leslie (S), 8-1
Embry-Riddle 5, Westmont 2
Costin Corneanu (ER) defeated Thommas DeLiefde (W), 6-1,6-3
Nicolas Bosquet (ER) vs. Bryn Mercado (W), 6-2,5-2 Did Not Finish
Dustin Sipka (ER) vs. Jon Annett (W), 7-6(3),3-3 Did Not Finish
Oliver Rettig (ER) defeated David Gilbert (W), 6-0,6-2
Evan Sprecht (ER) defeated Tony Larson (W), 6-4,6-4
Alex Beaux (ER) defeated John Hilp (W), 6-2,6-3
DeLiefde/Annett (W) defeated Corneanu/Sipka (ER), 8-5
Bosquet/Specht (ER) defeated Mercado/Gilbert (W), 8-2
Larson/Hilp (W) defeated Rettig/Beaux (ER), 9-8(7-4)
Georgia Southwestern State 5, Lewis-Clark State 0
Roman Sauze (GSS) defeated Jan Solcani (LCS), 6-1,6-1
Todd Hiscox (GSS) defeated Sasa Bausovac (LCS), 6-1,6-1
Gus Rezeivde (GSS) vs. Joao Oliveira (LCS), 6-4, -1 Did Not Finish
Sauze/Hiscox (GSS) defeated Solcani/Oliveira (LCS), 8-1
Rezende/Garcia (GSS) defeated Bausovac/Martins (LCS), 8-4
Paredes/Tharpe (GSS) defeated Neill/Brown (LCS), 8-2
Webber International 6, Spring Hill 1
Robert Royt (WI) defeated Nicolas Vazquez (SH), 7-6(5),6-2
Pablo Juarez (SH) vs. Sebastian Lang (WI), 6-4,5-2 Did Not Finish
Atilla Jahosdeak (WI) defeated Federico Palambo (SH), 4-6,6-3,6-2
Patricio Misitrano (WI) vs. Pablo Russo (SH), 6-4,5-5 Did Not Finish
Per Ikvall (WI) defeated Joe Kula (SH), 6-1,3-6,6-2
Enrique Tabares (WI) defeated Joe Adams (SH), 6-3,6-3
Royt/Janosdeak (WI) defeated Vazquez/Juarez (SH), 8-4
Misitrano/Lobo (WI) defeated Palambo/Russo (SH), 8-3
Dennison/Kula (SH) defeated Lang/Tabares (WI), 9-8(7-4)
Cumberland 5, Vanguard 4 Calle Lumsden (V) defeated James Thomas (C), 6-1,6-2
Calle Holmgren (V) defeated Temir Akkaziev (C), 6-2,6-3
Phillip Mardh (V) defeated Nikola Vujovic (C), 6-3,6-4
Alejandro Beiderman (C) defeated Ivar Bjorklund (V), 6-4,6-3
Wai Kin Khoong (C) defeated Chris Taylor (V), 6-0,6-3
Wai Hong Khoong (C) defeated Joe Jardine (V), 6-0,6-0
Thomas/Hong Khoong (C) defeated Lumsden/Bjorklund (V), 9-8(3)
Holmgren/Mardh (V) defeated Kin Khoong/Beiderman (C), 8-5
Vujovic/Akkaziev (C) defeated Taylor/Brian Lay (V), 8-0
Oklahoma Christian 5, Indiana Wesleyan 0
Jakub Petersson (IW) vs. Ivan Angulo (OC), 6-4, 3-1 Did Not Finish
Ondrej Fukala (OC) vs. Michol Stanczyk (IW), 6-1, 5-0 Did Not Finish
Lee Gregg (OC) vs. Joel Helm (IW), 6-4, 3-1 Did Not Finish
Eduardo Autran (OC) defeated Gabe Tudor (IW), 6-1,6-1
Daniel Omana (OC) vs. Gershum Philip (IW), 6-4,2-0 Did Not Finish
Alfonso Bacalja (OC) defeated Jonathan Emmert (IW), 6-0,6-1
Angulo/Bacalja (OC) defeated Petersson/Stanczyk (IW), 8-1
Fukala/Autran (OC) defeated Helm/Philip (IW), 8-4
Gregg/Omana (OC) defeated Hernandez/Phil Jackson (IW) 8-0

First Round
Aquinas 5, Lindsey Wilson 3
Nicolas Cabrini (LW) defeated Nathaniel Price (A) 6-1,6-3
Adrian Arroyave (LW) defeated Matthew Garner (A) 6-4,6-4
Rodolfo Chipe (LW) defeated Jason Winegar (A) 6-4,6-4
Jared Flick (A) defeated Giann Mendoza (LW) 6-2,6-2
Roger Lourido (A) defeated Victor Mendoza (LW) 2-6,6-2,6-4
Price/Winegar (A) defeated Bovea/Cabrini (LW) 8-6
Walsh/Flick (A) defeated Arroyave/Chipe (LW) 8-5
Garner/Brian Ahmedani (A) defeated Mendoza/Mendoza (LW) 8-3
Berry 5, Sioux Falls 0
Dennis den Boer (B) vs. Jesse Young (USF) 6-2,3-3 Did Not Finish
Sven Plass (B) defeated Dave Winegar (USF) 6-2,6-2
Tyler Faulkner (B) vs. Ryan Weise (USF) 6-2,3-0 Did Not Finish
Rafa Rodriguez (B) defeated Nate Larson (USF) 6-1,6-0
Philip Campbell (B) vs. Corey Vickery (USF) 6-1,3-0 Did Not Finish
Steve Bertsch (USF) vs. Marc Duckeck (B) 7-5, Did Not Finish
Den Boer/Faulkner (B) defeated Winegar/Larson (USF) 8-4
Plass/Rodriguez (B) defeated Young/Vickery (USF) 8-1
Campbell/Duckeck (B) defeated Joe Thie/Weise (USF) 8-4
Virginia Intermont 5, Graceland 1
Pablo Gimenez (GU) vs. Jorge Acencio (VI) 6-0,5-4 Did Not Finish
Thiago Barbosa (VI) defeated Simon Ouellet (GU) 6-2,6-4
David Halldorson (VI) vs. Izundin Zunic (GU) 7-5,5-1 Did Not Finish
Vinicius Bitencourt (VI) defeated Miguel Gonzales (GU) 6-1,6-2
Brandon Pike (VI) vs. Kabinga Pande (GU) 6-4,3-1 Did Not Finish
Luis Lazo De La Vega (VI) defeated Guillermo Ripoll (GU) 6-2,6-0
Gimenez/Ouellet (GU) defeated Ascencio/Barbosa (VI) 8-5
Halldorsson/Bitencourt (VI) defeated Zunic/Gonzalez (GU) 8-4
Pike/De La Vega (VI) defeated Pande/Rippol (GU) 8-5
Westmont 5, Palm Beach Atlantic 2
Thommas DeLiefde (W) vs. Matthias Jaeger (PBA) 6-4,5-1 Did Not Finish
Gustavo Chavez (PBA) defeated Bryn Mercado (W) 6-2,6-1
Jon Annett (W) vs. Charlie Thompson (PBA) 6-4,3-6, Did Not Finish
David Gilbert (W) defeated Rafael Vieira (PBA) 6-1,6-3
Tony Larson (W) defeated Axel Herbez (PBA) 6-1,6-2
John Hilp (W) defeated Brock Lindstrom (PBA) 6-4,6-3
DeLiefde/Annett (W) defeated Thompson/Jaeger (PBA) 8-5
Chavez/Vieira (PBA) defeated Mercado/Gilbert (W) 8-1
Larson/Hilp (W) defeated Cochran/Herboz (PBA) 8-5
Lewis-Clark State 6, Green Mountain 2
Jan Solcani (LCS) defeated Fernado Blanco (GMC) 6-1,6-2
Sasa Bausovac (LCS) vs. Kolja Loebritz (GMC) 6-4,4-3 retired
Joao Oliveira (LCS) defeated Bruce Hawtin (GMC) 6-3,7-5
Guilherme Martins (LCS) defeated Nicolas Bourges (GMC) 6-1,6-0
Tyler Neill (LCS) defeated Chris Sharp (GMC) 6-1,6-2
Will Biddle (GMC) defeated Levi Brown (LCS) 6-0,6-0
Solcani/Oliveira (LCS) defeated Blanco/Hawtin (GMC) 8-6
Loebritz/Biddle (GMC) defeated Bausovac/Martins (LCS) 8-6
Neill/Brown (LCS) defeated Bourges/Sharp (GMC) 8-6
Spring Hill 5, Olivet Nazarene 0
Nicolas Vazquez (SH) defeated Mitch Haas (ONU) 6-2,7-5
Pablo Juarez (SH) vs. Fermin Amezqueta (ONU) 7-5,4-3 Did Not Finish
Federico Palambo (SH) vs. Jaime Acosta (ONU) 6-3,5-4 Did Not Finish
Mark Hervey (ONU) vs. Pablo Russo (SH) 6-4,3-1 Did Not Finish
John Dennison (SH) defeated Aaron Gregory (ONU) 6-3,6-0
Joe Kula (SH) vs. Luis Loyola (ONU) 6-2,3-2 Did Not Finish
Vazquez/Juarez (SH) defeated Hervey/Gregory (ONU) 9-7
Palambo/Russo (SH) defeated Amezqueta/Acosta (ONU) 8-4
Dennison/Kula (SH) defeated Loyola/Haas (ONU) 8-6
Vanguard 6, Walsh 2
Calle Lumsden (V) vs. Joel Carney (WU) 6-2,5-3 Did Not Finish
Calle Holmgren (V) defeated Daniel Schuler (WU) 6-2,6-2
Phillip Mardh (V) defeated Jochen Nuesle (WU) 6-3,6-0
Ivar Bjorklund (V) defeated Matias Candel (WU) 6-1,6-2
Chris Taylor (V) defeated Kevin Clinesmith (WU) 6-4, 6-1
Martin Echague (WU) defeated Joe Jardine (V) 6-0,6-1
Lumsden/Bjorklund (V) defeated Carney/Schuler (WU) 8-2
Holmgren/Mardh (V) defeated Muessle/Candel (WU) 8-3
Clinesmith/Echague (WU) defeated Taylor/Brian Lay (V) 8-1
Indiana Wesleyan 5, Point Loma Nazarene 2
Jakub Petersson (IW) defeated Johannes Vance (PLN) 6-1,6-3
Michol Stanczyk (IW) defeated Zac Markham (PLN) 6-1,6-4
Joel Helm (IW) vs. Matt Copland (PLN) 7-6(3),3-1 Did Not Finish
Matt Clinton (PLN) defeated Gabe Tudor (IW) 6-1,6-3
Gershum Philip (IW) vs. Joe Combs (PLN) 6-0,4-4 Did Not Finish
Jonathan Emmert (IW) defeated Josh Cowan (PLN) 6-2,6-2
Petersson/Stanczyk (IW) defeated Markham/Copland (PLN) 8-5
Helm/Philip (IW) defeated Vance/Clinton (PLN) 8-4
Combs/Cowan (PLN) defeated Hernandez/Phil Jackson (IW) 8-5


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