Men's Team - May 21-24 at Texas A&M University

Team Drawsheet

Second Round Team Regionals

First Round Team Regionals

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Men's NCAA Division I Championships

UCLA (7) 4, Baylor (1) 3
Benedikt Dorsch (B) defeated Luben Pampoulov (UCLA), 6-1,6-4
Benjamin Kohlloeffel (UCLA) defeated Benjamin Becker (B), 6-4,6-2
Kris Kwinta (UCLA) defeated Lars Poerschke (B), 4-6,6-4,6-4
Michal Kokta (B) defeated Chris Lam (UCLA), 6-4,6-3
Alberto Francis (UCLA) defeated Matija Zgaga (B), 6-1,4-6,6-3
Philipp Gruendler (UCLA) defeated Vladimir Portnov (B), 4-6,6-1,7-6(4)
Dorsch/Zgaga (B) vs. Francis/Kwinta (UCLA), 7-4 Did Not Finish
Kokta/Poerschke (B) defeated Gruendler/Kohlloeffel (UCLA) 8-5
Becker/Jon Reckewey (B) defeated Lam/Pampoulov (UCLA) 8-4

Baylor (1) 4, Florida (4) 1
Benedikt Dorsch (B) defeated Hamid Mirzadeh (F), 6-2,6-4
Benjamin Becker (B) defeated Greg Ouellette (F), 6-4,6-3
Michal Kokta (B) defeated Nestor Briceno (F), 6-4,7-6(6)
Ryan Sherry (F) defeated Greg Shearer (B), 6-4,7-5
Dorsch/Zgaga (B) defeated Mirzadeh/Ouellette (F), 8-3
Becker/Jon Reckewey (B) defeated Briceno/Stef Tell (F), 8-6

UCLA (7) 4, Mississippi (6) 2
Catalin Gard (M) defeated Luben Pampoulov (UCLA), 6-2,6-3
Benjamin Kohlloeffel (UCLA) defeated Eric Claesson (M), 6-1,6-3
Juan Pablo Di Cesare (M) defeated Chris Lam (UCLA), 6-3,6-2
Alberto Francis (UCLA) defeated Bram ten Berge (M), 6-3,6-0
Philipp Gruendler (UCLA) defeated Karim Alayli (M), 7-6(5),6-1
Gruendler/Kohlloeffel (UCLA) defeated Fredrik Aarum/Tveit (M), 8-3
Lam/Pampoulov (UCLA) defeated Jakob Klaeson/Bram ten Berge (M) 8-3

Baylor (1) 4, Pepperdine (8) 0
Benedikt Dorsch (B) defeated Scott Doerner (P), 6-2, default/injured
Benjamin Becker (B) defeated Pedro Rico (P) 6-3,6-2
Lars Poerschke (B) defeated Jonas Berg (P) 6-1,3-6,6-1
Dorsch/Zgaga (B) defeated Doerner/Rico (P) 8-5
Becker/Jon Reckewey (B) defeated Johnson/Kevin Borzenski (P) 8-1

Florida (4) 4, Florida State 0
Hamid Mirzadeh (F) defeated Mat Cloer (FS), 6-2,7-6(3)
Vladimir Obradovic (F) defeated Jeff Groslimond (FS), 6-3,6-4
Nestor Briceno (F) defeated Chris Westerhof (FS), 6-3,6-2
Hamid Mirzadeh/Greg Ouellette (F) defeated Jeff Groslimond/Chris Westerhof (FS), 9-8(6)
Ytai Abougzir/Mat Cloer (FS) defeated Jordan Dolberg/Chris Brandi (F), 8-5

Mississippi (6) 4, Georgia (3) 2

UCLA (7) 4, Virginia (2) 1
Luben Pampoulov (UCLA) defeated Doug Stewart (V), 6-1,6-2
Benjamin Kohlloeffel (UCLA) defeated Somdev Devvarman (V), 4-6,6-2,6-2
Treat Huey (V) defeated Chris Lam (UCLA), 7-5,1-6,6-1
Alberto Francis (UCLA) defeated Marko Miklo (V), 6-3,6-4
Francis/Kwinta (UCLA) defeated Nick Meythaler/Rizza (V), 9-7
Devvarman/Huey (V) defeated Gruendler/Kohlloeffel (UCLA), 8-6
Lam/Pampoulov (UCLA) defeated Cohen/Stewart (V), 8-1

Round of 16
Baylor (1) 4, Texas A&M (16) 0
Benjamin Becker (B) defeated Ante Matijevic (TX A&M), 7-6(5),6-2
Michal Kokta (B) defeated Brett Joelson (TX A&M), 7-6(5),6-2 Matija Zgaga (B) defeated Mohamed Dakki (TX A&M), 6-1,6-2
Joelson/Matijevic (TX A&M) defeated Dorsch/Zgaga (B), 8-4
Kokta/Poerschke (B) defeated Wooten/Zack Malmgren (TX A&M), 8-5
Becker/Jon Reckewey (B) defeated Bain/Makowski (TX A&M), 8-5

Pepperdine (8) 4 (D) (9) 3
Ludovic Walter (D) defeated Scott Doerner (P), 7-6(4),6-2
Pedro Rico (P) defeated Jonathan Stokke (D), 6-3,6-4
Peter Rodrigues (D) vs. Jonas Berg (P), 4-6,6-1,7-6(5)
Ivor Lovrak (P) defeated Peter Shults (D), 6-4,3-6,6-4
Richard Johnson (P) vs. Jason Zimmerman (D), 4-6,7-5,6-1
Alexis Rafidison (P) defeated Ned Samuelson (D) 6-3,7-6(3)
Stokke/Zimmerman (D) defeated Doerner/Rico (P), 8-6
Brezac/Walter (D) defeated Berg/Lovrak (P), 9-8(8)
Rodrigues/Shults (D) defeated Johnson/Kevin Borzenski (P), 9-8(0)

Florida (4) 4, South Carolina 0
Hamid Mirzadeh (F) defeated Tom Eklund (SC), 6-4,6-2
Vlad Obradovic (F) defeated Jaime Cuellar (SC), 6-4,6-1
Ryan Sherry (F) defeated Ben Atkinson (SC), 6-2,6-3
Mirzadeh/Ouellette (F) defeated Knorr/Rodrigues (SC), 8-6
Cuellar/Eklund (SC) defeated Brandi/Jordan Dolberg (F), 8-6
Briceno/Stef Tell (F) defeated Atkinson/Babenko (SC), 8-5

Florida State 4 (I)inois (5) 2
Mat Cloer (FS) defeated GD Jones (I), 6-1,4-6,7-6(5)
Ryler DeHeart (I) defeated Ytai Abougzir (FS), 4-6,6-3,6-1
Kevin Anderson (I) defeated Jeff Groslimond (FS), 6-4,6-1
Jonathas Sucupira (FS) defeated Ruben Gonzales (I), 6-1,5-7,6-4
Chip Webb (FS) defeated Chris Martin (I) 6-1,7-6(6)
Groslimond/Westerhof (FS) defeated Anderson/Ryan Rowe (I), 9-8(4)
Abougzir/Cloer (FS) defeated DeHeart/Pramod Dabir (I), 8-5

Georgia (6) 4, LSU 0
John Isner (G) defeated Mark Growcott (LSU), 6-2,6-0
Matic Omerzel (G) vs. Jason Hazley (LSU), 6-2,6-3
Colin Purcell (G) defeated Peter Richman (LSU), 6-3,6-3
Isner/Ruiz (G) defeated Growcott/Skupski (LSU), 8-3
Gonzalez/Omerzel(G) defeated Hazley/Richman (LSU), 8-5

Mississippi (3) 4, Texas Tech (14) 2
Catalin Gard (M) defeated Radoslav Nijaki (T), 6-2,6-3
Erling Tveit (M) defeated Jakob Paulsen (T), 6-4,7-5
Juan Pablo Di Cesare (M) defeated Esat Tanik (T), 7-5,6-4
Michael Innerebner (T) defeated Fredrik Aarum (M), 6-4,6-3
Demitrio Martinez (T) defeated Bram ten Berge (M), 7-6(1),6-1
Claesson/Gard (M) defeated Nijaki/Szumanski (T), 8-2
Klaeson/ten Berge (M) defeated Innerebner/Paulsen (T), 8-5

UCLA (7) 4, Tennessee (10) 1
Luben Pampoulov (UCLA) defeated Mark Dietrich (T), 6-2,6-0
Benjamin Kohlloeffel (UCLA) defeated Bobby Cameron (T), 6-2,6-1
Morgan Wilson (T) defeated Chris Lam (UCLA), 6-1,6-4
Philipp Gruendler (UCLA) defeated Kaden Hensel (T), 6-3,6-4
Francis/Kwinta (UCLA) defeated Oosthuizen/Ben Rogers (T), 8-5
Dietrich/Wilson (T) defeated Gruendler/Kohlloeffel (UCLA), 8-6
Lam/Pampoulov (UCLA) defeated Cameron/Hensel (T) 8-4

Virginia (2) 4, Washington (15) 0
Somdev Devvarman (V) defeated Christoph Palmanshofer (W), 6-3,7-5
Treat Huey (V) defeated Daniel Chu (W), 6-1,6-0
Marko Miklo (V) defeated Pete Scharler (W) 6-2,6-2
Rizza/Nick Meythaler (V) defeated (#18) Chu/Slovic (W), 8-1
Cohen/Stewart (V) defeated Kuharszky/Mike Ricks (W) 8-4


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