Women's Team - May 13-18 at Gustavus Adolphus College

Team Drawsheet

First, Second & Third Round Team Regionals

Williams 6, Washington & Lee 4
Cary Gibson (W) defeated Katie Tabb (WL), 2-6,6-4,6-3
Grace Baljon (W) defeated Kelly Will (WL), 6-2,6-0
Ashley Parsons (W) defeated Lauren Caire (WL), 7-6(2),6-0
Nicole Reich (W) defeated Leah Weston (WL), 6-2,5-7,6-1
Rebecca Timmis (WL) defeated Allison Rottkamp (W), 6-4,6-1
Meg Spalitta (WL) defeated Annie Hancock (W), 5-7,6-1,6-1
Lauren Caire/Katie Tabb (WL) defeated Cary Gibson/Annie Schneidman (W), 8-3
Grace Baljon/Allison Rottkamp (W) defeated Catherine Reed/Leah Weston (WL), 8-6
Virginia Dickinson/Kelly Will (WL) defeated Nicole Reich/Annie Hancock (W), 8-3

Third Place Playoff
Denison 5, Pomona-Pitzer 2
Siobhan Finicane (PP) defeated Meghan Damico (D), 6-2,6-0
Kristin Cobb (D) defeated Rebecca Lange (PP), 6-3,6-2
Olivia Muesse (PP) vs. Marta Drane (D), 7-5, 3-5 Did Not Finish
Erin Gorsich (D) defeated Kathryn Myers (PP), 6-2,6-3
Kara Zdanowski (D) defeated Lindsay Clough (PP), 6-0,6-0
Kasyn Stevenson (PP) vs. Kendra Murray (D), 4-6,5-4 Did Not Finish
Siobhan Finicane/Olivia Muesse (PP) defeated Marta Drane/Kristin Cobb (D), 8-3
Meghan Damico/Kendra Murray (D) defeated Rebecca Lange/Kasyn Stevenson (PP), 9-7
Kara Zdanowski/Erin Gorsich (D) defeated Zoe Fisher/Alex Margolin (PP), 8-4

Washington & Lee 5, Denison 1
Katie Tabb (WL) vs. Meghan Damico (D), 3-6,2-5 Did Not Finish
Kelly Will (WL) defeated Kristin Cobb (D), 6-3,6-3
Lauren Caire (WL) vs. Marta Drane (D), 6-3,4-2 Did Not Finish
Leah Weston (WL) defeated Erin Gorsich (D), 6-1,6-2
Rebecca Timmis (WL) vs. Kara Zdanowski (D), 5-7,0-4 Did Not Finish
Meg Spalitta (WL) defeated Kendra Murray (D), 6-0,6-4
Lauren Caire/Katie Tabb (WL) defeated Marta Drane/Kristin Cobb (D), 8-4
Catherine Reed/Leah Weston (WL) defeated Meghan Damico/Kendra Murray (D), 8-6
Kara Zdanowski/Erin Gorsich (D) defeated Virginia Dickinson/Kelly Will (WL), 8-2

Williams 5, Pomona-Pitzer 2
Cary Gibson (W) vs. Siobhan Finicane (PP), 0-6,6-2,4-3 Did Not Finish
Grace Baljon (W) vs. Rebecca Lange (PP), 6-0,3-6,3-1 Did Not Finish
Ashley Parsons (W) defeated Olivia Muesse (PP), 6-3,6-3
Nicole Riech (W) defeated Kathryn Myers (PP), 6-4,6-1
Allison Rottkamp (W) defeated Lindsay Clough (PP), 6-2,6-2
Annie Hancock (W) defeated Kasyn Stevenson (PP), 6-2,6-1
Siobhan Finicane/Olivia Muesse (PP) defeated Cary Gibson/Annie Schneidman (W), 8-6
Rebecca Lange/Kasyn Stevenson (PP) defeated Grace Baljon/Allison Rottkamp (W), 9-8(4)
Nicole Riech/Annie Hancock (W) defeated Zoe Fisher/Alex Margolin (PP), 8-2

Washington & Lee 5, Gustavus-Adolphus 3
Jenni White (GA) defeated Katie Tabb (WL), 6-2,7-5
Sierra Krebsbach (GA) defeated Kelly Will (WL), 6-4,4-6,6-4
Lauren Caire (WL) defeated Ali O'Neal (GA), 6-3,6-0
Leah Weston (WL) defeated Sam Frank (GA), 6-4,6-4
Rebecca Timmis (WL) defeated Erica Dobson (GA), 6-2,6-1
Meg Spalitta (WL) vs. Jenny Arnfelt (GA), Did Not Finish
Lauren Caire/Katie Tabb (WL) defeated Jenni White/Sierra Krebsbach (GA), 8-3
Sam Frank/Ali O'Neal (GA) defeated Catherine Reed/Leah Weston (WL), 8-6
Virginia Dickinson/Kelly Will (WL) defeated Laura Arnebeck/Jenny Arnfelt (GA), 8-3

Denison 5, Emory 2
Meghan Damico (D) defeated Tshema Nash (E), 7-5,7-6(2)
Kristin Cobb (D) defeated Lorne McManigle (E), 6-3,6-4
Marta Drane (D) defeated Sabra Rogers (E), 6-0,6-3
Kirsten Hillock (E) vs. Erin Gorsich (D), 6-4,4-1 Did Not Finish
Kara Zdanowski (D) defeated Leah Seyburn (E), 6-1,6-3
Sara Vrabec (E) vs. Kendra Murray (D), Did Not Finish
Tshema Nash/Sabra Rogers (E) defeated Marta Drane/Kristin Cobb (D), 8-0
Kirsten Hillock/Jenny Moscato (E) defeated Meghan Damico/Kendra Murray (D), 8-1
Erin Gorsich/Kara Zdanowski (D) defeated Lorne McManigle/Sara Vrabec (E), 9-8(6)

Williams 5, Mary Washington 0
Cary Gibson (W) vs. Becky Morse-Karzen (MW), 5-7,1-2 Did Not Finish
Grace Baljon (W) vs. Stephanie Kurti (MW), 6-0,3-5 Did Not Finish
Ashley Parsons (W) defeated Courtney Goimarac (MW), 6-2,6-0
Nicole Reich (W) defeated Natalia Fugate (MW), 6-4,6-1
Allison Rottkamp (W) vs. Kate Malpeli (MW), 6-7(3),2-2 Did Not Finish
Annie Hancock (W) vs. Amy Sheetz (MW), 6-3,5-0 Did Not Finish
Cary Gibson/Annie Schneidman (W) defeated Natalia Fugate/Becky Morse-Karzen (MW), 8-5
Grace Baljon/Allison Rottkamp (W) defeated Kate Malpeli/Megan Lawlor (MW), 8-6
Nicole Reich/Annie Hancock (W) defeated Stephanie Kurti/Courtney Goimarac (MW), 8-3

Pomona-Pitzer 5, Bowdoin 3
Siobhan Finicane (PP) defeated Kristen Raymond (B), 6-4,6-3
Sarah D'Elia (B) defeated Rebecca Lange (PP), 7-6(2),6-2
Olivia Muesse (PP) defeated Kaitlin Raymond (B), 6-1,6-0
Brett Davis (B) vs. Kathryn Myers (PP), 6-4,6-6(2-0) Did Not Finish
Lindsay Clough (PP) defeated Rachel Waldman (B), 6-2,4-6,6-2
Kasyn Stevenson (PP) defeated Liz Pedowitz (B), 6-1,6-3
Siobhan Finicane/Olivia Muesse (PP) defeated Kristen Raymond/Sarah D'Elia (B), 8-4
Brett Davis/Rachel Waldman (B) defeated Rebecca Lange/Kasyn Stevenson (PP), 8-5
Kaitlin Raymond/Liz Pedowitz (B) defeated Zoe Fisher/Alex Margolin (PP), 8-2


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