The Mental Athlete Book Review:
The Mental Athlete
Inner Training For Peak Performance

by Kay Porter

If I had a dollar for everytime I heard a parent or coach say that a player had the talent but had not yet gotten it together mentally. Training the mind has become as important to an athlete as training a body. The Mental Athlete addresses this need and provides training to reach your mind's peak performance.

Author Kay Porter has worked in sports psychology for over twenty years. She has trained hundreds of athletes and is a member of the US Olympic Committee Sports Psychology Registry. The Mental Athlete is a training manual. Through chapters like Developing Mental Training Skills, Taking Steps Toward Positive Thinking and Unleashing The Power of the Mind, Ms. Porter offers visualization, exercises and breathing techniques to reach the peak of your mental game.

While The Mental Athlete is not written specifically for tennis (though tennis is one of the sports specifically mentioned), it is probably more applicable here than in any sport. As an individual sport that demands great skill as well as great concentration and planning, so much of the game is in the mind. The Mental Athlete may not make you the perfect player, but it will certainly help you to figure out more of the game inside your head not just the one your body produces.

The Mental Athlete is published by Human Kinetics and is available at Amazon for $11.87

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