Men - Oral Roberts University - Tulsa, Oklahoma - April 27-28
Oral Roberts 4, Western Illinois 1
Alex Dargel (OR) defeated Martin Boström (WI), 6-3,6-2
Frank Kaehler (OR) defeated Justin Junck (WI), 6-4,6-2
Tyrone Hill (OR) defeated Andy Jones (WI), 6-1,6-1
Cuan Farquharson (OR) vs. Neil Lesinski (WI), 6-2,4-1 Did Not Finish
Patrick Guilliod (OR) defeated Michael Tiu (WI), 6-4,6-2
Clemens Geercken (OR) vs. Sean Ragee-Nelson, 6-3,4-6, Did Not Finish
Josh Wittenberg/Justin Junck (WI) defeated Alex Dargel/Frank Kaehler (OR), 8-2
Tyrone Hill/Cuan Farquharson (OR) defeated Neil Lesinski/Sean Ragee-Nelson (WI), 8-4
Martin Boström/Drew Forsberg (WI) defeated Patrick Guilliod/Clemens Geercken (OR), 8-4

Women - Valparaiso University - Valparaiso, Indiana - April 20-21
Oral Roberts 4, IUPUI 0
Emily Arkell (OR) vs. Jessica Petersson (IUPUI), 6-4,4-4 Did Not Finish
Paige McKinney (OR) vs. Jessie Ritchie (IUPUI), 7-5,1-4 Did Not Finish
Tayler Pippin (OR) defeated Andrea Burkhardt (IUPUI), 6-4,6-3
Hayden Rush (OR) defeated Tessa Williams (IUPUI), 6-1,6-2
Rafaela Souza (OR) defeated Nikki Evans (IUPUI), 6-3,6-0
Corrine Langston (OR) vs. Vanessa Carna (IUPUI), 6-3,5-3 Did Not Finish
Arkell/Pippin (OR) defeated Petersson/Allison Thompson (IUPUI), 8-5
Rush/McKinney (OR) defeated Burkhardt/Evans (IUPUI), 9-7
Ritchie/Williams (IUPUI) vs. Souza/Debbie Skinstad (OR), 5-4 Did Not Finish

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