Missouri Valley - April 2001

Indiana State 4, Drake 1
Stephen Killian (D) defeated Jona Piibor (INS) 6-4,3-5 Did Not Finish
Stefan Hirn (INS) defeated Tim Miller (D) 6-3,5-2 Did Not Finish
Vedron Vidovic (INS) defeated Anthony Perkins (D) 6-1,6-2
Lovre Brajkovic (INS) defeated Bryan Endress-Fox (D) 6-2,6-4
Henry Choi (INS) defeated Aaron Endress-Fox (D) 6-1,6-4
David O’Connell (INS) defeated Felipe Montenegro (D) 6-3,6-2
Stephen Killian/Tim Miller (D) defeated Jona Piibor/Stefan Hirn (INS) 8-6
Aaron Endress-Fox/Bryan Endress-Fox (D) defeated Vedron Vidovic/Lovre Brajkovic (INS) 8-2
David O’Connell/Dalibor Mihajlovic (INS) defeated Anthony Perkins/Schuler (D) 8-5
Illinois State 4, Northern Iowa 0
Ricky Heath (ILS) defeated Harry Walsh (NI) 7-5,6-0
Yew Ming Si (ILS) defeated Khambula Msiska (NI) 7-5,1-3 Did Not Finish
Jason Smit (ILS) defeated Rick Ferreira (NI) 6-3,4-6(2-0) Did Not Finish
Zane Krog (NI) defeated Brent Steven (ILS) 6-2,1-6(4-2) Did Not Finish
Albert Piasecki (ILS) defeated Rob Webbink (NI) 6-3,6-4
Andrew Martin (ILS) defeated Jon Houghton (NI) 6-3,6-2
Ricky Heath/Yew Ming Si (ILS) defeated Harry Walsh/Khambula Msiska (NI) 6-6 Did Not Finish
Jason Smit/Brent Steven (ILS) defeated Zane Krog/Rick Ferreira (NI) 8-5
Albert Piasecki/de Liefde (ILS) defeated Ville Sippala/Jon Houghton (NI) 8-5
Wichita State 4, Southwest Missouri State 1
Jan Vanco (SMS) vs. Mark Mullins (WS) 7-6,6-7,1-0 Did Not Finish
Mark Sewell (WS) defeated Leonard Perry (SMS) 6-2,6-3
Rishi Garbharran (SMS) def Juan Escalante (WS) 6-1,6-2
Ben Cramp (WS) defeated Toni Reithmayr (SMS) 6-3,6-4
Gustav Peterson (WS) defeated Matt Streeter (SMS) 3-2,6-2,4-6
Sean Kembell (SMS) vs. Merritt Gaunt (WS) 6-4,6-7,4-1 Did Not Finish
Mark Mullins/Mark Sewell (WS) defeated Jan Vanco/Rishi Garbharran (SMS) 8-3
Leonard Perry/Matt Streeter (SMS) defeated Ben Cramp/Gustav Peterson (WS) 8-3
Juan Escalante/Merritt Gaunt (WS) defeated Knezevic/Sean Kembell (SMS) 9-7
Creighton Over Evansville Default
Indiana State 4, Northern Iowa 0
Harry Walsh (NI) vs. Jonan Piibor (INS) 2-6,1-4 Did Not Finish
Vedron Vidovic (INS) defeated Khambula Msiska (INS) 6-1,6-1
Rick Ferreira (NI) vs. Lovre Brajkovic (INS) 0-6,6-6(1-1) Did Not Finish
Henry Choi (INS) defeated Zane Krog (NI) 6-3,6-1
Rob Webbink (NI) vs. David O’Connell (INS) 2-6,1-5 Did Not Finish
Andres Intriago (INS) defeated Jon Houghton (INS) 6-1,6-1
Vedron Vidovic/Lovre Brajkovic (INS) defeated Harry Walsh/Khambula Msiska (NI) 8-4
Jonan Piibor/Henry Choi (INS) defeated Zane Krog/Rick Ferreira (NI) 8-6
Ville Sippala/Jon Houghton (NI) defeated David O’Connell/Dalibor Mihajlovic 8-6
Drake 4, Illinois State 1
Ricky Heath (ISU) defeated Stephen Killian (D) 6-3,6-0
Yew Ming Si (ISU) vs. Tim Miller (D) 2-6,4-2 Did Not Finish
Jason Smit (ISU) vs. Anthony Perkins (D) 4-6,5-3 Did Not Finish
Brent Steven (ISU) vs. Bryan Endress-Fox (D) 7-5,6-2 Did Not Finish
Aaron Endress-Fox (D) defeated Albert Piasecki (D) 6-3,6-1
Felipe Montenegro (D) defeated Andrew Martin (ISU) 6-1,6-3
Heath/Si (ISU) vs. Killian/Miller (D) 7-6 Did Not Finish
Aaron Endress-Fox/Bryan Endrees-Fox (D) defeated Jason Smit/Streeter 8-4
Anthony Perkins/Schuler (D) defeated Albert Piasecki/Thommas deLiefde (ISU) 8-4
Northern Iowa 4, Wichita State 1
Indiana State 4, Creighton 0
Illinois State 4, Southwest Missouri State 2
Drake 4, Evansville 0

Illinois State 4, Drake 0
Alesia Mikalayeva (ILS) defeated Cecily Dubusker (D), 6-1,6-2
Liina Surrvarik (ILS) defeated Anali de Bruyn (D), 7-5,6-0
Zana Friganovic (ILS) vs. Cynthia Skogerboe (D), Did Not Finish
Elizabeth Bingier (ILS) vs. Rajasree Kuruvilla, Did Not Finish
Shelby Lipson (ILS) vs. Jennifer Saluri (D), Did Not Finish
Brigette Zarazee (ILS) defeated Marie Mainil (D), 6-0,6-1
Alesia Mikalayeva/Liina Surrvarik (ILS) defeated Cecily Dubusker/Rajasree Kuruvilla (D), 8-1
Hoffman/Zana Friganovic (ILS) vs. Anali de Bruyn/Cynthia Skogerboe (D), Did Not Finish
Brigette Zarazee/Shelby Lipson (ILS) defeated Jennifer Saluri/Marie Mainil (D), 8-3
Southwest Missouri State 4, Wichita State 0
Ia Zozrashvili (SMS) defeated Amanda Cervantes (WS), 6-4,6-0
Oyuki Cruz (SMS) defeated Annalie van den Heever (WS), 6-1,6-2
Marta Rubina (SMS) defeated Kelli Clark (WS), Did Not Finish
Amy Newman (SMS) vs. Martin Stojkic (WS), Did Not Finish
Ala Alvarez (SMS) defeated Sharon Colledge (WS), 6-1,6-1
Marta Rubina/Ia Zozrashvili (SMS) defeated Annalie van den Heever/Amanda Cervantes (WS), 8-6
Amy Newman/Oyuki Cruz (SMS) defeated Kelli Clark/Martina Stojkic (WS), 8-4
Southern Illinois 4, Indiana State 0
Erika Ochoa (SI) defeated Karen Human (INS), 6-1,4-1 retired
Alejandro Blanco (SI) defeated Carolina Salinas (INS), 6-3,6-0
Ana Serrot (SI) vs. Jen Earl (INS), Did Not Finish
Tana Trapani (SI) defeated Lori Wilson (INS), 6-1,6-0
Rachel Moreles (SI) vs. Lisa Herndon (INS), Did Not Finish
Keri Crandell (SI) vs. Laura Whitney (INS), Did Not Finish
Erika Ochoa/Ana Serrot (SI) defeated Karen Human/Jen Earl (INS), 8-6
Tana Trapani/Alejandro Blanco (SI) defeated Carolina Salinas/Lori Wilson (INS), 8-0
Krismanits/Keri Crandall (SI) vs. Lisa Herndon/Laura Whitney (INS), Did Not Finish

Northern Iowa 4, Evansville 0
Kylene Wong (NI) defeated Bambi McCann (E), 6-0,3-0 retired
Jessica Landes (NI) vs. Brandee Fox (E), Did Not Finish
Amie Crowley (NI) defeated Brooke Hoerner (E), 6-0,6-0
Fleur Muysson (NI) defeated Natalie Tessier (E), 6-2, retired
Carrie Amsbaugh (NI) vs. Jessica Tessier (E), Did Not Finish
Mercedes Pollmeier (NI) vs. Liz Hedde (E), Did Not Finish
Kylene Wong/Amie Crowley (NI) defated Brooke Hoerner/Brandee Fox, 8-3
Jessica Landes/Lindeman (NI) vs. Coleman/Liz Hedde (E), Did Not Finish
Fleur Muysson/Carrie Amsbaugh (NI) defeated Jessica Tesser/Natalie Tessier, 8-5
Illinois State 4, Southwest Missouri State 1
Alesia Mikalayeva (ILS) defeated Ia Zozrashvili (SMS), 7-5,7-5
Liina Surrvarik (ILS) defeated Oyuki Cruz (SMS), 6-3,6-2
Zana Friganovic (ILS) vs. Marta Rubina (SMS), Did Not Finish
Amy Newman (SMS) defeated Elizabeth Bingier (ILS), 6-3,2-6,6-4
Shelby Lipson (ILS) vs. Ala Alvarez (SMS), Did Not Finish
Alesia Mikalayeva/Liina Surrvarik (ILS) vs. Marta Rubina/Ia Zozrashvili (SMS), 8-2
Hoffman/Zana Friganovic (ILS) vs. Amy Newman/Oyuki Cruz (SMS), Did Not Finish
Drake 4, Wichita State 2
Cecily Dubusker (D) defeated Amanda Cervantes (WS), 6-2,6-4
Annali de Bruyn (D) defeated Annalie van den Heever (WS), 5-7,6-4,6-1
Cindy Skogerboe (D) defeated Kellie Clark (WS), 6-1,6-2
Rajasree Kuruvilla (D) vs. Martina Stojkic (WS), Did Not Finish
Sharon Colledge (WS) defeated Jennifer Saluri (D), 6-3,4-6,6-1
Sarah Beth Dangos (WS) defeated Marie Manil (D), 6-4,6-2
Cecily Dubusker/Rajasree (D) defeated Annalie van den Heever/Amanda Cervantes (WS), 8-4
Annali de Bruyn/Cindy Skogerboe (D) vs. Kellie Clark/Martina Stojkic (WS), Did Not Finish
Jennifer Saluri/Marie Manil (D) defeated Sharon Colledge/Sarah Beth Dangos (WS), 8-4
Southwest Missouri State 4, Southern Illinois 0
Illinois State 4, Evansville 0
Drake 4, Inidana State 1
Wichita State 4, Northern Iowa 2

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