I've been working alongside junior tennis players and their parents for longer than today's high school athletes have been around. I have yet to meet one that didn't think the college planning process was complicated and confusing. The Monthly Guides to College Planning were conceived with the premise of getting the basics out to parents and players. Over the last decade, I have helped organize college tennis planning showcases, written articles on the pocess and acted as a featured speaker at the yearly at the USTA Eastern Section's College Showcase. I have used these experiences to tweak the guides, adding what's asked for most -- explanation of terms, ideas for finacial aid and scholarships, detail each month on what you need to take care of.

The Monthly Guides to College Planning -- with individual versions for high school juniors and seniors -- are not meant as your only tool, but instead a perfect accompanyment, with room for notes*, to the USTA Guide to Tennis On Campus as well as your most important tool if you want to play college tennis... the internet.

My biggest goal in creating the Monthly Guides to College Planning was to make them as inexpensive as possible. The books, which have been updated for the Class of 2013 (Senior) and Class of 2014 (Junior) are available in print for $15.00 and Kindle $4.99 through Amazon..
Marcia Frost

*Only the print version has pages for notes, but that is the only thing missing from the Kindle copy.
Print Version

Kindle Version