April, 2004 continued

A: "School wise, I'm a financing major. I'm vague on where that's going to lead. I know I like it so far. Tennis... I want to be the best possible, to give everything I have. In the end I believe I have the skills. If my mind is there. If I really believe that I can do something. I think the biggest opponent is not a player, it's not the teams I play, it's myself. If I'm able to achieve that. If I'm able to completely put myself aside of all that's around me that I can control, that would be amazing.
    I notice at some times I'm more concerned about how people react than actually living the moment and enjoying what's happening right now. I really think I'm a tall guy, I have a good body for tennis. I'm a talented player. Of course people practice more and they have more people to take care of them, but if I was put in that situation only my mind would make a difference."

Q: What has been your most exciting tennis moment?
A: "That's a hard question. Back home I have about 40 trophies. I've won a lot of tournaments, been around the world, played a lot of matches. In the United States my best moment when I really felt proud of myself was when I received the Rookie Of The Year (from the Colonial Athletic League). I really didn't know, I didn't believe I was going to get it and Bill (Coach Gerdts) didn't tell me anything. I was there just getting ready to eat. When I realized it I couldn't believe it.
    Actually, this moment right now with all this publicity, I think that's good, although I actually said to my father, 'How should I treat this situation?' I feel kind of uncomfortable. Not to be too arrogant, not to be too humble. I'm more of a humble guy."

Q: What tournament haven't you played yet that you most want to play?
A: "I want to play Nationals (NCAAs) definitely. And, if we could play ranked teams that would lead to a tougher schedule. I can get ranked, but if we don't play ranked teams, after a couple of months I'm not anymore. I'm 100% sure I have the attitude to be there. I think in four years I'm going to make it. After that, a lot of things, like Grand Slams. It may seem like too hard a goal. If you try and don't make it, you'll feel good. I'm going to give myself a chance to try."

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