March, 2005 continued

Q: Are you looking for someone?
A: "After every match I have to find my mom and I can't call her, so she has no idea if I won or lost."

Q: I know there are a lot of parents that just can't watch.
A: "That's mine." (she stops to wave goodbye to Melissa Mang and tells her how great she is). "She's so good. And she's going to Duke!"

Q: Unfortunately, someone has to win and someone has to lose. You have been in the quarters and semis of a lot of majors in the past year and you haven't won yet. Is it frustrating?
A: "Not really, there's always the next tournament. If I played like (really bad) or the other person was cheating, but I don't get that upset. I mean, I cry a little and get it over with. But that's okay. I still have a lot of time."

Q: You have a great attitude.
A: "I do!"

Q: What has been your best win?
A: "I'm going to say against Catherine Newman because we're really good friends. Everyone likes Catherine. I'm from North Carolina. She's from Greensboro and we hit all the time. So far she has kicked my butt almost every time, but I have one win over her. That was last May at a Bullfrong (a local sectional). It was 2 & 3 and that was a big win for me.
...And winning Super Nationals in the 14s was good too!"

Q: What tournament did you have the most fun at?
A: "I would have to say my N.C. Qualifier is the best every year because I know everyone. It's fun."

Q: Is there a tournament you haven't played yet that you really want to?
A: "I would like to play one of the junior majors -- U.S. Open or Wimbledon. Probably Wimbledon."

Q: I hope the USTA staff doesn't hear that you'd rather play Wimbledon.
A: "Sorry, I meant the U.S. Open. Yeah, I REALLY want to play the U.S. OPEN."


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