NCAA Eligibility Rules You Need To Know
If You Want To Play College Sports

By Dennis W. Viau

rules, rules, rules

Rules, Rules, Rules! is an easy to read manual explaining the complicated issue of NCAA eligibility. It covers the bylaws of all three NCAA Divisions and how they apply to U.S. and foreign students. The paperback presents itself as a guidebook to the new rules adopted each year, promising new editions as the bylaws change.

Author Dennis W. Viau works for the University of California at Santa Barbara solving NCAA eligibility problems. In his nearly ten years as an eligibility officer he has helped many athletes learn the rules of play on college teams. Mr. Viau uses his experience to provide case histories of students with eligibility problems and how many of their dilemmas were solved.

Siting the fact that too many players arrive at college and experience frustration and disappointment when they find out they are ineligible to play, Rules, Rules, Rules! outlines the details for those in high school, junior college, transferring from other universities, and even foreign players. He urges players to work with their future coaches and provides details they will need on assuring the best possibility of eligibility. Rules are explained as to those that apply to all NCAA divisions (I, II & III) and those which apply to all or some divisions.

Included in the back of Rules, Rules, Rules is: Frequently Asked Questions-a good selection of common problems; A Glossary of Terms-a bit short -- it could include more explanations; NCAA Bylaws-a concise list of the bylaws that really count; and Selected Interpretations-deeper explanation of the bylaws.

Rules, Rules, Rules! is an excellent guidebook for the prospective college player. The NCAA requirements are explained simply, as are academic rules and waivers. It is a good choice for athletes, parents and school counselors.

Odessalem Publishing 1998 PO Box 8541-20, Goleta, CA 93118 (805) 685-1075
Second edition released 10/99

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