Southeastern - April 2002

Tennessee 4, Auburn 1
Rameez Junaid (A) vs. Mario Toledo (T), 6-4,2-6,3-2 Did Not Finish
Peter Handoyo (T) defeated Andrew Colombo (A), 6-4,6-0
Adam Carey (T) defeated Tiago Ruffoni (A), 6-3,6-3
Mark Kovacks (A) defeated Mark Dietrich (T), 6-1,7-6
Simon Rea (T) defeated Mark Van Elden (A), 6-1,7-6
Wade Orr (T) vs. Estavam Strecker (A), 6-3,3-6,4-0 Did Not Finish
Toledo/Rea (T) defeated Junaid/Ruffoni (A), 8-5
Colombo/Kovacks (A) defeated Carey/Handoyo (T), 8-4
Crews/Dietrich (T) defeated Boz/Strecker (A), 9-7

Florida 4, South Carolina 0
Jessica Lehnhoff (F) defeated Katarina Markovski(SC), 6-2,6-1
Lindsay Dawaf (F) vs. Jennifer Radman (SC), Did Not Finish
Zerene Reyes (F) vs. Kathy Boyanovich (SC), Did Not Finish
Alexis Gordon (F) defeated Lynn-Yin Tan (SC), 6-2,6-2
Annika Bengtsson (F) vs. Jodi Kenoyer (SC), Did Not Finish
Julia Scaringe (F) defeated Tamara Sutton (SC), 6-3,6-1
Dawaf/Lehnhoff (F) defeated Boyanovich/Radman (SC), 8-3
Gordon/Scaringe (F) defeated Kenoyer/Tan (SC), 8-3
Bengtsson/Reyes (F) vs. Markovski/Suzuki (SC) Did Not Finish

In Award News...
Coaches of the Year
Andy Jackson, Florida
Troy Porco, Auburn
Players of the Year
Matias Boeker, Georgia
Jessica Lehnhoff, Florida
Freshman of the Year
Jesse Witten, Kentucky
Zerene Reyes, Florida

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