Sports Psych Handbook Book Review:
Sports Psych Handbook by Shane Murphy

Review by Francine Whu

The Sports Psych Handbook is a great guide to the struggling athlete. Although it does not zone in to one sport, it discusses concepts that apply to almost every sport.

The chapters on anger management and confidence were especially helpful. The book is great for those who find diagrams, charts, and lists useful. It gives you many mental exercises and activities to improve you performance on court. However, if you only read the book and do not actively participate in the activities, I doubt improvement will be seen.

The only complaint I have was that the language of the writing is too scientific and was sometimes difficult to comprehend. Teen-teenagers may find the level of language too high. Nevertheless, The Sports Psych Handbook goes in depth on every topic regarding sports psychology and fi used properly, can definitely improve your mental toughness.


Sports Psych Handbook is published by Human Kinetics and is available at Amazon for $13.97

Our reviewer, Francine Whu (pictured left), finished the Girls 16s in 2004 ranked No. 49 nationally. She is is currently one of the top 18s players in the Eastern section.

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