Sports Psychology Library Tennis Sports Psychology Library: Tennis
by Judy L. Van Raalte & Carrie Silver-Bernstein

Sports Psychology Library: Tennis is a comprehensive manual for mastering the mental game of tennis as well as mastering new physical skills.

This book is divided into six sections: Beating The Players You Hate to Play; Oh The Pressure!; What to Do About Those Nasty Things You Can't Control; Delights and Dreads of Doubles; What to Do If It All Falls Apart; and Getting (and staying) in the Game. Sections include questionnaires and drills, some specifically based on the answers given. This book also includes some basic information on USTA Regulations, Court Surfaces and Goal Setting.

The section on handling things you can't control is especially useful. Included are tips on dealing with poor court surfaces & and lighting, bad weather, etc. Tips are offered for facing these inconveniences physically and mentally.

Sports Psychology: Tennis is an excellent manual for improving tennis games. The drills are aimed at toning skills and increasing mental stamina.


Sports Psychology Library: Tennis is published by Fitness Information Technology, Inc. and is available at for the discounted price of $10.36.