h3 Sunglasses for Tennis

Sunglasses for Tennis?
Yes, according to some top players

by David Marcus

Five years ago hardly any tennis pros played with sunglasses. But cutting edge technology moves forward and so does tennis. Today top pros Samantha Stosur, Cara Black (pictured right), Liezl Huber (pictured far right), Lizaan du Plessis, Arnaud Clement, Janko Tipsarevic, Chris Guccione and top Australian junior Bernard Tomic play with sunglasses.

Why should tennis players wear sunglasses when playing outdoors? Top ophthalmologists say tennis players’ eyes are at high risk due to excessive exposure to harmful UV rays. Playing outdoors for several hours every day combined with looking into the sun while serving or hitting overhead smashes can damage the eyes' front surface. In addition to cataracts and age-related macular degeneration, sun exposure can lead to lesions and tumors that may be cosmetically unappealing and frequently require surgical removal.

“I used to practice 4-5 hours a day when I was among the top ranked tennis players in Argentina,” says Andy Zingman, a national tennis coach in Israel who is currently coaching Dudi Sela, Israel’s top ranked men’s player. “I didn’t wear sunglasses and I paid a price. As a result my eyes became very sensitive to the sun. Today, when I am coaching the top juniors in Israel, I recommend they wear comfortable, high quality UV ray blocking sunglasses when they practice. My own choice is the Rudy Project because they are shatterproof, fully adjustable, have great optical quality and won’t fog up from perspiration. I also think they are very cool looking.”

Own the Zone Sporting Goods, the maker of the OTZ band dampener, has become the online distributor for Rudy Project sunglasses for the tennis market. Besides being technically cool looking, Rudy Project sunglasses with ImpactX technology offer a breakthrough in optical excellence. Made in Italy, these sunglasses provide superior eye protection and are guaranteed unbreakable for life.

“We are committed to bringing peak performance products to the tennis market,” said Dave Marcus and Julius Stockfish, co-Presidents, Own the Zone Sporting Goods. “We chose to partner with Rudy Project because they offer best-in-class eyewear for tennis players. Rudy Project sunglasses provide superior optical quality and shield your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. In addition, just like the OTZ band dampener, these sunglasses are fully adjustable, exceptionally light and very cool looking.”

Rudy project sunglasses are available from Own the Zone at http://www.otzsports.com Each pair of sunglasses ordered comes with a complimentary neoprene cord and an OTZ tri-pack. Try One On and See the Zone. Own the Zone has been a long term advertiser at College And Junior Tennis.

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