Taking Your Tennis On Tour Book Review:
Taking Your Tennis On Tour

by Bonita Marks

I was given an advance copy of Taking Your Tennis On Tour and asked to comment on it for the back cover. I was very excited about this book because I have yet to see anything that really helps players making the transition to professional tennis. While there were a few things I was a little apprehensive about, the book is well-worth getting if you are even considering a career in professional tennis.

Taking Your Tennis On Tour has some very good information on Sponsorship and Travel for tour players. I also absolutely love the quotes from players about the best & worst aspects of circuit life. There is no better way to hear the truth than from those who have lived it.

The nutritional information starts out very good. I like the approach about good nutrition without suggesting specific diets, but then I started to feel like I was in high school biology. Now I have to preface this by saying that Biology was the least favorite class I ever took in my life, but I do think the detailed scientific information in Taking Your Tennis On Tour is a bit much.

While the first chapter on "The College Route To The Pros" may not depict everything there is to know about college tennis, it's a good start on explaining the harsh differences between college tennis and professional tennis. I do have to say in defense of college coaches that all of those I know do consider Academics important and helping their players is their number one priority whether its helping with a test or with a backhand.

Despite a few complaints, Taking Your Tennis On Tour is the first publication I have seen which offers advice on the physical and mental aspects of playing as a professional on the tour. The book offers insight into the world of pro tennis to a newcomer, including specific training instructions, nutritional information, sponsorship & sports agent advice, and even tax tips. The author dives into the harsh reality of going pro.

Marcia Frost


Taking Your Tennis On Tour is published by Racquet Tech Publishing and is available at Amazon for $12.97