Tennis Confidential Book Review:
Tennis Confidential
Today's Greatest Players, Matches
and Controversies

By Paul Fein

In the Forward to Tennis Confidential, Bud Collins announces that "Paul Fein lets you in on the whole tennis picture." This is a perfect description of the book. It is a collection of the best articles of Paul Fein, a freelance tennis writer for over twenty-five years. These stories, one-on-one interviews, editorials and greatest moments cover tennis from every aspect.

Between the sections -- Portraits of the Stars, Memorable Interviews, Topical Trends and Burning Issues, The Great Controversies, Twentieth-Century Retrospectives and The Ten Greatest Matches In Tennis History -- Paul Fein manages to include all the greatest players in tennis history. From Ted Tinling to Venus Williams, his in-depth knowledge and probing questions are apparent.

Intertwined with the previously published articles are Fascinating Facts. These after-the-story tidbits include things like "Andre Agassi signed his first autograph at age six," "Gustavo Kuerten often sings in the locker room after playing a tournament" and "Jimmy Connors said he invented the fist-pump victory gesture in tennis." These notes are included in every article, making the articles a little more current and entertaining.

Among his freelance efforts, Paul Fein was often a contributor to College And Junior Tennis in its print form. We often forgot that his knowledge as a player, coach and tournament director led him to some wonderful articles that went beyond the juniors. Tennis Confidential is a testament to that.

by Marcia Frost

Tennis Confidential is published by Brassey's Inc. and costs $26.95.

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