September, 2002 continued

Q: What tournament win have you been the most satisfied with?
A: "I won my first professional tournament. I won a $10,000 in Baltimore."

Q: Does that mean more to you than winning in the juniors?
A: "It means more because there is a different setting there. It's WTA points, but it's fun to win also in juniors. It's a start, it means that you're maturing a bit and your game is getting better. There were some really good players, so I was excited."

Q: What tournament would you most like to win as a junior?
A: "Here (the US Open) or Junior Wimbledon. As a pro I would want to win those as well."

Q: What tournaments are you going to next?
A: "I'm playing more 25s ($25,000 USTA Professional Circuit events) and more Challengers and Satellites. I want to get my WTA points up now. I'm getting older and I'm going to be booted out of the juniors, so I'm going to have to start with the pros -- but as an amateur."

Q: You're still 17. You have another year to come back.
A: "Yes, and who wouldn't want to?"

* * *