Sesil Karatancheva
Playing In The Rain

At The Open With Marcia Frost...

Wednesday, September 3rd
Junior Championships, Day Four -- Or It Should Be

At first it just looked like deja vu. A few days of the Junior Championships postponed from rain just like last year. This year, however, it doesn't seem to want to end. The rain just won't go away.

There is still talk of playing indoors...of scheduling two to three matches a day over the weekend... of playing just pro sets in the doubles... of extending the tournament. So far, it is all just talk and nothing has been finalized.

The Thursday weather report is not good. There is a chance it may clear up for a few hours in the afternoon or evening. BUT, we can all rejoice in knowing that every weathercaster has promised that tomorrow will be bright and sunny. I will be here waiting when the games finally begin.

Boys Singles Draw     Boys Doubles Draw
Girls Singles Draw     Girls Doubles Draw

Until Tomorrow... For Tennis, I hope...

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