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Thursday, September 4th
Junior Championships, Day Five

The Junior Championships had been rained out for three days and it was time to take some drastic measures, however, the decisions made today were pretty shocking to many.

When rain again came down in New York the US Open tournament directors decided to move the remainder of the first round of boys and girls singles inside. Since the indoor courts at the National Tennis Center were being used as practice courts for the men and women, the juniors were sent by bus to the Sound Shore Indoor Tennis Center in Port Chester, New York. Unfortunately, many (myself included) were not given any notice of this move. This was not even the shocking event of the day.

At 6:45 pm the announcement came that the Boys and Girls Doubles events for the 2003 US Open Championships have been completely cancelled. For many players the doubles were their only opportunity to play at this US Open. And, for some players -- like Australian Open Junior Doubles Winners Scott Oudsema and Phillip Simmonds -- it was their only opportunity this year to win a Grand Slam on their home soil.

The official statement from Tournament Director Paul Roetert on the doubles cancellation is as follows:
We regret that it was necessary to cancel the US Open Junior Doubles events. The decision was made in the best interest of the players, many of whom are competing in both singles and doubles.

At this point in the tournament, junior players are already expected to play two singles matches a day since there are five rounds to complete in three days. The doubles events are at the same junction. We would not ask a player to play four matches a day and could face that situation if the junior doubles events were contested.

The forecast for tomorrow is bright and sunny so things will be back to normal around here with lots of play and lots of coverage. At least for the singles.

Boys Singles Draw
Girls Singles Draw

Until Tomorrow...

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Players like Carla Tamborini were only in the doubles draw

Phillip Simmonds (above) and partner Scott Oudsema were hoping to win a Grand Slam on their home soil
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