September, 2004 continued

Vahid Mirzadeh Q: Do you play any other sports?
A: "I used to play soccer when I was really young. Not really anything -- just for fun football, basketball, ping pong."

Q: Is there anything else you do in your spare time?
A: "Homework, Internet and X-Box."

Q: Where are you going from here?
A: "After this (the US Open) I will go home for about a week then California for three Future events."

Q: Are you thinking about college?
A: "Yeah, I'm thinking about it. I'll see how I do. I'm in 12th grade. I want to see how I'm doing leading up to making a decision. If I'm doing good, maybe I'll decide to play for a year. Or, I'll go to college for a year and settle down. We'll see how it goes."

Q: Where do you train?
A: "Usually I train in Key Biscayne at the USTA (High Performance Center). Sometimes I train with my brother. Whenever I can hit. We have a court at our house."

Q: Do you work with any coach in particular?
A: "Not really. I work with the USTA Coaches. David is our age group coach."

Q: Do you play doubles with your brother?
A: "We actually have played a few times. One was in Texas last year and we did pretty good. We were like the last team in, but we ended up getting to the finals. We'll be playing doubles together in California."

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