World Class Tennis Book Review:
World Class Tennis Technique
Master Every Stroke

Paul Roetert & Jack Groppel, Editors

World Class Tennis Technique is a compilation of articles, photos and charts from some of the world's top experts in tennis. It was edited by Paul Roetert & Jack Groppel and contains chapters by such top names as Stan Smith, Patrick McEnroe, Vic Braden, Mary Joe Fernandez and Dennis Van Der Meer.

The first part of World Class Tennis Technique is entitled Scientific Foundation. The editors compare tennis to science and art -- "science to know what really happens and art to accomplish the task." Within this section are eight chapters, including Finding The Best Learning Style; Adjusting to Difficult Surfaces; Improving Footwork and Conditioning; and Maintaining Technique Under Pressure.

The second part of the book is called Perfecting Your Strokes. The authors put this section together because they believe in "An orderly progression of how to learn tennis techniques." Each chapter is dedicated to a stroke (i.e. Forehand, Backhand, Specialty Shots). Each stroke is explained in detailed instruction, charts and pictures along with tips on improving the stroke.

While World Class Tennis Technique: Master Every Stroke is an excellent learning tool, it is not for everyone. The book is 288 extremely detailed and technical pages. It would be the perfect companion for the serious player or coach, but it would not be easy reading for the casual or young player.

World Class Tennis Technique is published by Human Kinetics and is available at Amazon for $18.17

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