The ITA All-Academic Team award is given to a team that has a cumulative grade point average of 3.20 or above on a 4.0 scale. All eligible student-athletes whose names appear on the NCAA eligibility form and have competed in one or more matches are included into the cumulative grade point average.

ITA Scholar-Athlete status is given to players who meet the following criteria: a junior or senior in school; a varsity letterwinner; and have a grade point average of at least 3.50 on a 4.0 scale.

Alma College
Amherst College
Bethel University
Bryn Mawr College
Carleton College
Carnegie Mellon University
Clarke College
Cornell College
Defiance College
Denison University
DePauw University
Drew University
College of DuPage
Emory University
Grinnell College
Gustavus Adolphus
Hamline University
Haverford College
Huntingdon College
Kenyon College
Linfield College
Manchester College
Massachusetts Inst of Tech
Middlebury College
Millsaps College
Moravian College
Mount Holyoke College
Muhlenberg College
Muskingum College
Neumann College
Ohio Northern University
Piedmont College
Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
SUNY Purchase
Rhodes College
Rose-Hulman Inst of Tech
UC San Diego
Sewanee/Univ of the South
Skidmore College
Smith College
Spelman College
St. Benedict
St. Catherine
University of St. Thomas
Swarthmore College
Tufts University
Vassar College
Washington and Lee University
Washington College
Washington University (St. Louis)
Wellesley College
Wheaton College
Wilkes University
Willamette University

Eileen Gallagher, Allegheny College
Christina Ungaro, Allegheny College
Jarrah Adams, Alma College
Jessica Eichorn, Alma College
Kelly Ross, Alma College
Lauren Thompson, Alma College
Tristan Hedrick, Amherst College
Caitlin Rhodes, Amherst College
Laura Stein, Amherst College
Rachel Holt, Amherst College
Monica Snyder, Amherst College
Katie Hudson, Amherst College
Jennifer Murphy, Amherst College
Miranda Kim, Amherst College
Kristen Pence, Augustana College
Daniela E. Hofer, Babson College
Laura Gray, Bowdoin College
Julia Shaver, Bowdoin College
Diana Ricker, Bridgewater College
Hilary Teeter, Bridgewater College
Brittany Van Wickler, Bridgewater College
Anne Yust, Bridgewater College
Leah Blankenship, Bryn Mawr College
Anna Dejdar, Bryn Mawr College
Abigail Fritz, Bryn Mawr College
Jennifer Mansh, Bryn Mawr College
Amanda Rahi, Bryn Mawr College
Shelli Smith, Buena Vista University
Briana Smalling, Cal Lutheran University
Diane Danforth, Carleton College
Sarah Fischer, Carleton College
Eryn Kotch, Carleton College
Lisa Olsson, Carleton College
Lisa Ottum, Carleton College
Sarah Russell, Carleton College
Sarah Wehrly, Carleton College
Meredith Fry, Carnegie Mellon University
Asako Hayashi, Carnegie Mellon University
Grace Hwang, Carnegie Mellon University
Mona Iyer, Carnegie Mellon University
Kavita Shah, Carnegie Mellon University
Amy Staloch, Carnegie Mellon University
Elizca Buys, Carthage College
Kelly Mikkila, Carthage College
Amanda Sta Romana, Carthage College
Rachel Coonce, Centre College
Sara Desanctis, Centre College
Nicole Duices, Centre College
Jessica Ansehl, University of Chicago
Christine Kim, University of Chicago
Cassandra Kramer, University of Chicago
Shoshana Krieger, University of Chicago
Anna Miller, University of Chicago
Jolene N. Gruenke, Clarke College
Patricia J. Lo Verde, Clarke College
Jennifer M. Martin, Clarke College
Amanda L. Smith, Clarke College
Mary K. Stewart, Clarke College
Katie Gwiazdowski, College of Notre Dame
Yrene Naling, College of Notre Dame
Stacy Telmanowski, College of Notre Dame
Megan Fitzgerald, College of Saint Benedict
Melissa Kampa, College of Saint Benedict
Angela Sigl, College of Saint Benedict
Christin Tiegs, College of Saint Benedict
Katie Ward, College of Saint Benedict
Megan Wrobel, College of Saint Benedict
Rebecca Jean Birkhofer, Cornell College
Emily Suzanne Loewen, Cornell College
Katherine Leigh Olson, Cornell College
Brittany M. Roth, Cornell College
Marie Christine Schutte, Cornell College
Kristin Joy Willard, Cornell College
Traci Dye, Defiance College
Amber Evans, Defiance College
Abby Reichard, Defiance College
Kacy VanderHorst, Defiance College
Kylee VonDeylen, Defiance College
Erin Williams, Defiance College
Erin Coughlin, Denison University
Erin Gorsich, Denison University
Jessica Jenkins, Denison University
Allison Lesnett, Denison University
Meridith Sulser, Denison University
Jill Anderson, DePauw University
Erin Andrade, DePauw University
Antonia Miller, DePauw University
Amrita Padda, DePauw University
Kelly Richards, DePauw University
Connie Shim, DePauw University
Elizabeth Steele, DePauw University
Fiona Burns, Drew University
Maria Carroll, Drew University
Shannon Jantz, Drew University
Erin Jessen, Drew University
Anne Luetzow, Drew University
Dragana Trivic, Drew University
Meghan Weimer, Drew University
Jennifer Williams, Drew University
Trista McGlothlin, Emory & Henry College
Lauren Musicic, Emory & Henry College
Anne Ryan, Emory & Henry College
Serena Burkard, Emory University
Amanda Dechert, Emory University
Breana Lai, Emory University
Samantha Shapiro, Emory University
Lindsay Tiemeyer, Emory University
Linda Tien, Emory University
Sara Marian Seibert, Gettysburg College
Margaret Block, Grinnell College
Rachel M. Engh, Grinnell College
Jill S. Harms, Grinnell College
Shweta R. Khajuria, Grinnell College
Margaret J. Lay, Grinnell College
Jocelyn M. Newhouse, Grinnell College
Anne Landay, Guilford College
Jennifer Arnfelt, Gustavus Adolphus
Jill Bailey, Gustavus Adolphus
Hannah Frericks, Gustavus Adolphus
Jaime Gaard, Gustavus Adolphus
Ashley Millette, Gustavus Adolphus
Kristen Bothun, Hamline University
Trina Ellis, Hamline University
Jena Maki, Hamline University
Lauri Munos, Hamline University
Hilary Wilson, Hamline University
Kathie Winter, Hamline University
Sarah Bolin, Hardin-Simmons University
Stephanie Haynes, Hardin-Simmons University
Rebecca Watkins, Hardin-Simmons University
Emma Bartlett, Haverford College
Laura Chaddock, Haverford College
Margot Elton, Haverford College
Rebecca Harris, Haverford College
Astra Wallace, Haverford College
Emily Dickinson, Huntingdon College
Carolyn Kinney, Huntingdon College
Amanda Thomley, Huntingdon College
Nicole Weldon, Huntingdon College
Stephanie Cohn, Kenyon College
Melissa Harwin, Kenyon College
Emily King Kenyon College
Caitlin Looney, Kenyon College
Erica Lundberg, Kenyon College
Tatiana Volochkovich, Kenyon College
Hollin Buck, Linfield College
Lindsey Carlson, Linfield College
Rebecca Johnson, Linfield College
Kasey Kuenzli, Linfield College
Molly Nelson, Linfield College
Kelli Sides, Linfield College
Tasha Allemang, Luther College
Heidi Bothun, Luther College
Annalise Conaway, Luther College
Jacie Haroldson, Luther College
Liesl Schwerin, Luther College
Josemar Castillo, Lycoming College
Erin Horsley, Lycoming College
Kathryn Koury, Lycoming College
Kate Petcavage, Lycoming College
Wendi Lee Coffey, Manchester College
Sarah Lynn Conwell, Manchester College
Kristen B. Frick, Manchester College
Elizabeth LeAnn Weybright, Manchester College
Angela Jean Wilcox, Manchester College
Chicka Nakano, Meredith College
Lee Ann Sanderlin-Garner, Meredith College
Leigh Smith, Meredith College
Amy Berkman, Middlebury College
Emily Holick, Middlebury College
Jeannie McIntosh, Middlebury College
Maren Messing, Middlebury College
Sara Greer, Millsaps College
Hillary A. Hamblen, Millsaps College
Jennifer S. Jasso, Millsaps College
Kelsey McKnight, Millsaps College
Elizabeth N. Sadler, Millsaps College
Jana Triskova Melia, Millsaps College
Alicia Feghhi, Montclair State University
Eva Salierno, Montclair State University
Julie Anderson, Moravian College
Marion Berry, Moravian College
Leah Bradshaw, Moravian College
Katie Cooke, Moravian College
Becky Deringer, Moravian College
Nicole Gruber, Moravian College
Courtney Hall, Moravian College
Margo Kokolus, Moravian College
Jannel Yelito, Moravian College
Anna Boatwriight, Mount Holyoke College
Aleksandra Mihailovic, Mount Holyoke College
Meaghan Sloane, Mount Holyoke College
Kelly Fraser, Muhlenberg College
Stacy Lipschutz, Muhlenberg College
Emily Oster, Muhlenberg College
Amy Schmidt, Muhlenberg College
Anya Belyaevskaya, Muskingum College
Kelly Dempsey, Muskingum College
Katie Kruza, Muskingum College
Jessica Reinbeau, Muskingum College
Keri Schreckengost, Muskingum College
Laura Bodish, Neumann College
Maureen Fitzhenry, Neumann College
Barry Harvey, Neumann College
Andrea Lacava, Neumann College
Sarah Tomlinson, Neumann College
Bridget Larson, Ohio Northern University
Karen Lee, Ohio Northern University
Kaitlyn Macdonald, Ohio Northern University
Kelly Patterson, Ohio Northern University
Ashley Yontz, Ohio Northern University
Lacey Ferro, Olivet College
Jaime Morrison, Olivet College
Danielle Post, Olivet College
Kelli Roe, Olivet College
Allison Mudrey, Penn State Behrend
Laurie Campbell, Piedmont College
Jennifer Hewett, Piedmont College
Aline Quintal, Piedmont College
Yael Berenson, Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
Molly Berman, Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
Brittany Biebl, Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
Margot Filstein, Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
Caitlin Guthrie, Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
Lea Hartog, Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
Samantha Rudolph, Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
Jenn Wilcox, Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
Irina Cashen, SUNY Purchase
Nicole Degennaro, SUNY Purchase
Kristin McColgan, SUNY Purchase
Margot Van Hoy, SUNY Purchase
Caitlin Codding, Roger Williams University
Jessica Manners, Roger Williams University
Haley McCraven, Roger Williams University
Jennifer McMahon, Roger Williams University
Krista Gonnerman, Rose-Hullman Inst of Tech
Mandy Grantz, Rose-Hullman Inst of Tech
Kate Martin, Rose-Hullman Inst of Tech
Sara Rohrabaugh, Rose-Hullman Inst of Techy
Meghan Doherty, Russell Sage College
Charlotte Hays, Russell Sage College
Emily Perrott, Russell Sage College
Jessica Jones, College of St. Catherine
Deidre Lindstrom, College of St. Catherine
Briggs Rolfstrud, College of St. Catherine
Amy Willhite, College of St. Catherine
Denise Kyte, St. Lawrence University
Tiffany Banken, University of St. Thomas
Cortney Dirks, University of St. Thomas
Carolyn Tibbets, University of St. Thomas
Kristin Bronowicki, UC San Diego
Jasmin Dao, UC San Diego
Tmo Noji, UC San Diego
Leigh Roberts, UC San Diego
Lauren Willett, University of the South
Molly Willett, University of the South
Jill Damon, Skidmore College
Kyra Travis, Skidmore College
Andrea Dreskin, Smith College
Seiko Fujii, Smith College
Ruth Linz, Smith College
Lauren Corley, Spelman College
Valencia Coston, Spelman College
Donnica Hawes-Saunders, Spelman College
Ashley McCann, Spelman College
Kaylan Moore, Spelman College
Britney Payton, Spelman College
Amber Rucker, Spelman College
Jenna Adelberg, Swarthmore College
Katherine Berry, Swarthmore College
Waverly Lutz, Swarthmore College
Jamie Midyette, Swarthmore College
Sara Sargent, Swarthmore College
Emily Townsend, Swarthmore College
Sonia Vallabh, Swarthmore College
Kristin Thomas, Univ of Texas-Tyler
Diana Dreyfus, Trinity College
Julia Hoffman, Trinity College
Brittany M. Olwine, Trinity College
Madison Ward, Trinity College
Kylyn Deary, Tufts University
Neda Pisheva, Tufts University
Trina Spear, Tufts University
Tina Vu, Tufts University
Ashley Weisman, Tufts University
Michelle Baur, Univ of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Cassie Holewinski, Univ of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Courtney Burks, Vassar College
Kelly Graham, Vassar College
Elysa Kliman, Vassar College
Taylor Leavy, Vassar College
Mariya Nikolova, Vassar College
Debbie Sharnak, Vassar College
Sarah Kammerer, Wartburg College
Kelli Mullen, Wartburg College
Alexandra M. Chafey, Washington and Lee
Natalie A. Day, Washington and Lee
Catherine C. Dixon, Washington and Lee
Katherine E. Duncan, Washington and Lee
Lindsay D. Hagerman, Washington and Lee
Amanda K. Haines, Washington and Lee
Katie L. Kingsbury, Washington and Lee
S. Elizabeth McCracken, Washington and Lee
Patricia A. Roberts, Washington and Lee
Rebecca Timmis, Washington and Lee
Catherine Torrey Stroud, Washington and Lee
Virginia B. Wortham, Washington and Lee
Lyndsey Beidle, Washington College
Beth Foster, Washington College
Erika Kayukawa, Washington College
Ryoko Sawada, Washington College
Kacie M. Cook, Washington University
Erin B. Fleming, Washington University
Erica L. Greenberg, Washington University
Sarah A. Hutnick, Washington University
Sara M. Kabakoff, Washington University
Rebecca L. Rovner, Washington University (St. Louis)
Lauren S. Zwick, Washington University
Shine Chen, Wellesley College
Hana Freymiller, Wellesley College
Esther Handy, Wellesley College
Emily McDonald, Wellesley College
Deb Norris, Wellesley College
Briana Jackson, Wheaton College
Ashley Kriwinsky, Wheaton College
Ashley Kriwinsky, Wheaton College
Sarah Madeira, Wheaton College
Maya Milic-Strkalj, Wheaton College
Sara White, Wheaton College
April Brast, Whitworth College
Krista Shrader, Whitworth College
Amanda Calhoun, Wilkes University
Beth Horn, Wilkes University
Kristin Kile, Wilkes University
Kelly MacDonald, Wilkes University
Sara Ryder, Wilkes University
Tiffany Kam, Willamette University
Ashley Layton, Willamette University
Sarah Potts, Willamette University
Erinn Cain, William Smith College
Laura Maier, William Smith College
Baldwin-Wallace College
Bowdoin College
Calvin College
Carleton College
Carnegie Mellon University
Central College
University of Chicago
Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Colleges
Emory University
Haverford College
Ithaca College
Mary Washington
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Middlebury College
Piedmont College
University of Redlands
Rhodes College
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
University of St. Thomas
Sewanee/University of the South
Tufts University
Washington University
Waynesburg College
Wheaton College (IL)
Whitman College
Wilkes University
Williams College

Nick Lieb, Allegheny College
Tim McClung, Allegheny College
Seth Wilmore, Allegheny College
John Feehan, Augustana College
Michael Brooks, Babson College
Dave Bensch, Baldwin-Wallace College
Crane Ward, Baldwin-Wallace College
Ryan McCartney, Baldwin-Wallace College
Dan Mitoff, Baldwin-Wallace College
Matthew Seitz, Baldwin-Wallace College
McAfee Burke, Bowdoin College
Thomas Jencks, Bowdoin College
Patrick Keneally, Bowdoin College
Samuel Bitetti, Bowdoin College
Jacob Jensen, Cal Lutheran University
Ben Staley, Cal Lutheran University
Derek Starleaf, Cal Lutheran University
Mike Goorhouse, Calvin College
Rafael Siebenschein, Calvin College
Ricky Tilton, Calvin College
Dan Volkema, Calvin College
Jake Hoppe, Carleton College
Drew Piston, Carleton College
Robert Stern, Carleton College
Andrew Tulloch, Carleton College
Rex Carazo-Zapetis, Carnegie Mellon
Andrew Clearfield, Carnegie Mellon
Jordan Koslosky, Carnegie Mellon
Stephen Kuhn, Carnegie Mellon
Dan Munoz, Carnegie Mellon
Boris Sofman, Carnegie Mellon
Carl Yang, Carnegie Mellon
Jivko Bojinov, Carthage College
William Heimann, Carthage College
Zach Newhouse, Carthage College
Andrew Busscher, Central College
Nicholas Cochrane, Central College
Jason Ford, Central College
Michael Hammond, Central College
James Smith, Central College
Bryan Fioret, Centre College
David Hise, Centre College
Arion Smalley, Centre College
Robert Bortz, University of Chicago
Andrew McKay, University of Chicago
Navpaul Singh, University of Chicago
Jason Evans, Claremont-Mudd-Scripps
Carl Yerger, Claremont-Mudd-Scripps
Jamie Seidl, Clarke College
Brian Stith, Clarke College
Chris Paasch, Coe College
Ryan Yao, Coe College
Stephan Faerber, Defiance College
Ethan Branum, Denison University
Eric Messick, Denison University
William Elliott, DePauw University
Evan Webeler, DePauw University
Jason Woods, Drew University
Hardy Ehlers, Emory University
Jesse Ferlianto, Emory University
Patrick Redmond, Emory University
Matthew Brantley, Ferrum College
Thomas James, Ferrum College
Wilson Paine, Ferrum College
Ben Michelman, Franklin and Marshall
Bryan Pilkington, Franklin and Marshall
Kyle Rhood, Gettysburg College
Chris Covey, Goucher College
Timothy Gruenisen, Gustavus Adolphus
Pete Schwingler, Gustavus Adolphus
Matt Toppin, Gustavus Adolphus College
Jon Breimhorst, Hamline University
Andy Hueller, Hamline University
Patrick Hueller, Hamline University
Willie Richards, Hamline University
Brad Grace, Hardin-Simmons University
Roy Lehman, Hardin-Simmons University
David Wu, Hardin-Simmons University
Richard Carthas, Haverford College
Matthew Kokot, Haverford College
Carl Lederman, Haverford College
Matthew Stein, Haverford College
Elmar Trust, Haverford College
Matt Jacobus, Hobart College
Derrick Moore, Hobart College
Matt Silver, Hobart College
Robert Dody, Hope College
Dustin Ruch, Hope College
Jeff Buffum, Ithaca College
Scott Gerbereux, Ithaca College
Danila Artaev, Kalamazoo College
Andrew Brown, Kalamazoo College
Matthew Harding, Kalamazoo College
Luke Marker, Kalamazoo College
Jonathon Greenberg, Kenyon College
Joshua Mabra, Kenyon College
Brian Taubman, Kenyon College
Borko Tesic, Kenyon College
Kevin Nguyen, University of La Verne
Brad Crawford, Luther College
Bjorn Hanson, Luther College
Christian Klein, Luther College
Matt Olson, Luther College
Travis Strickler, Luther College
Jordan Wiklund, Luther College
Benjamin Felix, Manchester College
Joel Richard, Manchester College
Michael Durkin, Mary Washington
Nate Hathaway, Mary Washington
Erik Thorell, Mary Washington
Thomas Dohlman, MIT
Mark Egan, MIT
Said Francis, MIT
Eric Makhni, MIT
Melvin Makhni, MIT
Michael Price, MIT
Shyam Raghavan, MIT
Mike DiRaimondo, Middlebury College
Nate Edmunds, Middlebury College
Alex Meditz, Middlebury College
Jeff Oldenburg, Middlebury College
Scott Palmer, Middlebury College
Salih Unsal, Middlebury College
Jonathan Giurintano, Millsaps College
John Kueven, Millsaps College
Jefferson Newbern IV, Millsaps College
Mark Knee, Oberlin College
Chris Bryan, Piedmont College
Matt Nash, Piedmont College
Nick Nash, Piedmont College
Valentin Sigartu, Piedmont College
Sebastian Stanescu, Piedmont College
Ian Bradburn, Univ of the Redlands
Chandler Lutz, Univ of the Redlands
Brian Manning, Univ of the Redlands
Eric Wager, Univ of the Redlands
Scott Bayer, Rhodes College
Adam Bohnert, Rhodes College
John Ciarleglio, Rhodes College
Kevin Hanson, Rose-Hulman Inst Tech
Kevin Patel, Rose-Hulman Inst Tech
Joe Rottman, Rose-Hulman Inst Tech
Amin Danai, St. Lawrence University
Terran Palmer-Angell, St. Lawrence University
Adam Berland, University of St. Thomas
Grant Campbell, University of St. Thomas
Lynn Fuller, University of St. Thomas
Adam Janzen, University of St. Thomas
Thomas Loper, University of St. Thomas
Kevin Manzel, University of St. Thomas
Brian Thomas, University of St. Thomas
Joe Carvalho, University of the South
Beau Cox, University of the South
Harley Nalley, University of the South
Nathaniel Temin, Skidmore College
Ibardo Zambrano, Skidmore College
Kevin Cook, University of Texas-Tyler
Patrick Painter, Univ of Texas-Tyler
William Fleder, Tufts University
Corey Keller, Tufts University
Adam Yates, Tufts University
Blake Flores, Wartburg College
Mark Giesmann, Wartburg College
Charles Anderson, Washington and Lee
Jeffrey Lusk, Washington and Lee
Sanjay Palakshappa, Washington and Lee
Asfand Farouk, Washington College
Nick Komljenovic, Washington College
Maciek Prytula, Washington College
Eric Borden, Washington University
Zach Fayne, Washington University
Matthew Freedman, Washington University
Jonathan Ganger, Washington University
David Weingeist, Washington University
Ryan Floyd, Waynesburg College
Joseph Koch, Waynesburg College
Bryan McAnulty, Waynesburg College
Matthew Otis, Waynesburg College
Nathan Smucker, Waynesburg College
Christian Dawes, Wheaton College (IL)
Jason Stoneberg, Wheaton College (IL)
Joseph Williams, Wheaton College (IL)
Joshua Williams, Wheaton College (IL)
Nick Potter, Wheaton College (MA)
Jeffrey Selesnick, Wheaton College (MA)
Brian Spielman, Wheaton College (MA)
Daniel Stoddard, Wheaton College (MA)
Brad Changstrom, Whitman College
Aaron Cho, Whitman College
Robbie Munday, Whitman College
Kenji Strait, Whitman College
Will Wyatt, Whitman College
Andrew Frey, Williamette University
John Groat, Williamette University
Kevin Child, Williams College
Jeff Kivitz, Williams College
Scott MacKenzie, Williams College
Bryan Monier, Williams College
Josh Gardner, Wilkes University
Ryan Murphy, Wilkes University
Arvin Narula, Wilkes University
Abhishek Nemani, Wilkes University
Hassan Shah, Wilkes University
Josh Hardel, Univ of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
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