April, 2008 continued

Q: Are you thinking about college?
A: ": Yeah, I guess. I mean it's kind of like 'whatever happens, happens.' I mean.. college, yeah, I'm definitely considering it. If I can go further than that, that would be good."

Q: "At what age did you start playing tennis?"
A: "I was like eight."

Q: "That's pretty late."
A: "Well, I started playing soccer first. Then gradually switched over to tennis."

Q: "Where do you train?"
A: "Well I don't really train, but I practice with my coach at Mountain LakesRacquet Club. We don't really have a place, but like we just uh…"

Q: "And who's your coach?"
A: "Lee Hurst. He's a British dude!"

* * *

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