Men's Singles - May 18-23 at UC-Santa Cruz

Singles Drawsheet

Matt Seeberger defeated Will Boe-Wieggard (Bates) 6-2, 6-4

Will Boe-Wiegaard defeated Quinn Caldaron, 6-3,5-7,6-1
Matt Seeberger defeated Jim Shaughnessy, 6-2,6-1

Quinn Caldaron defeated Michael Thoeresz, 3-6,6-3,6-3
Will Boe-Wiegaard defeated Kevin Casey (6), 6-4,4-6,6-2
Jim Shaughnessy defeated Brian Waldron (5), 4-6,6-4,6-4

Second Round
Michael Thoeresz defeated Ben Lundell, 6-3,2-6,6-3
Quinn Calderon defeated Brian Marsden, 6-0,6-4
Kevin Casey (6) defeated Ward Bortz, 6-2,6-3
Will Boe-Wiegaard (4) defeated Ari Rosenthal, 6-4,6-2
Jim Shaughnessy defeated Paul McClure, 6-2,6-3
Brian Waldron (5) defeated Marshall Kuresman, 6-1,6-3
Evan Tindell defeated Yoji Masuoka, 6-3,3-6,6-2
Matt Seeberger (2) defeated Josh Rilla, 6-2,6-2

First Round
Michael Thoeresz/Redlands defeated Mark Odgers/Emory (1), 6-4,6-2
Ben Lundell/Gustavus Adolphus defeated Ari Beilin/Middlebury, 6-3,6-4
Brian Marsden/Trinity, CT defeated Paul Bristow/Mary Washington, 6-2,5-7,6-3
Quinn Calderon/Cal Lutheran defeated Borko Tesic/Kenyon (7), 6-3,6-0
Kevin Casey/UCSC (6) defeated McAfee Burke/Bowdoin, 6-2,6-2
Ward Bortz/Chicago defeated Jon Reiss/Swarthmore, 7-5,6-7(4),6-0 Ari Rosenthal/Washington, MO defeated Sebastian Stanescu/Piedmont, 6-4,6-3
Will Boe-Wiegaard/Bates (4) defeated Jordan Taillon/Trinity, TX, 6-3,1-6,6-2
Jim Shaughnessy/Trinity, TX defeated Dane Schmidgall/Carthage (3), 6-2,7-5
Paul McClure/Washington & Lee defeated Ryan Carty/New Jersey, 5-7,6-3,7-5
Marshall Kuresman/DePauw defeated Ricky Butenko/Pacific Lutheran, 7-5,6-2
Brian Waldron/Middlebury (5) defeated Arturo Solis/Washington, 6-2,2-6,6-4
Yoji Masuoka/Emory (8) defeated Michael Malvitz/Kalamazoo, 6-0,6-4
Evan Tindell/MIT defeated Robert Chu/Chapman, 6-2,6-1
Josh Rilla/Amherst defeated Brandon Harris/Goucher, 6-4,6-2
Matt Seeberger/UCSC (2) defeated Adam Morgan/Gustavus Adolphus, 6-2,6-1


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