Smart Tennis

How To Play and Win
The Mental Game

By John F. Murray, Ph.D

Smart Tennis shows players at all levels how to improve their mental skills and therefore improve their game. Author John F. Murray uses his experience as author of numerous articles and conductor of seminars on sports psychology to explain the mental aspects of the game.

Chapter One -- Understanding Your Personal Needs -- includes a "Tennis Mind Body Checklist" (TMBC). The TMBC is a 100 question quiz to help you analyze your feelings, goals and concentration level. The results of this quiz (fully explained) are used to show players where they need to improve their mental game.

Smart Tennis is filled with specific tips, charts and suggestions for: Staying Focused; Improving Mental and Physical Quickness; Using Imagery, Improving Confidence; and Controlling Energy. The book concludes with Competition Management which covers basic information on Tennis Nutrition, Coping with Injuries and Proper Stretching.

This book is easy, helpful reading. Each chapter of Smart Tennis offers real life stories about actual tennis players applying the principles to improve their games, making the book a comprehensive guide for any tennis player looking to play better by developing sharp mental skills.

Smart Tennis is published by Jossey-Bass Inc. and is available at for the discounted price of $14.40.

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