September, 2004 continued

Scott Oudsema There has only been one other American champion here. That was Bob Bryan in the mixed doubles. So it hasn't been the greatest year for Americans at this US Open, especially in the juniors. We didn't play (in singles) as well as we would have liked to, but I think we played well in the pros and used that as experience. Hopefully, we can move on."
Q: Where are you moving on to?
Brendan: "Right now we have a group of guys that are going to California together and playing three pro tournaments out there. Me and Scott will be playing doubles and hopefully we can improved our doubles and singles rankings."

Q: How will you celebrate tonight?
Scott: "Well, we get to go home tonight. We've been here for three weeks. It's been a long three weeks. We have a flight coming up pretty soon. Then we go home, get a good night's rest and take a couple of days off."

Q: What makes you such a good doubles team?
Scott: "I think we have a combination of power and we close the net pretty well -- both of us. Our serves, when they're on, are pretty useful weapons. When both of us are returning and hitting at net, we're pretty dominant. We get the job done out there."

Brendan: "When we serve well, it's hard to break us. We played in the pros here and Verdasco/Lopez -- two really good guys -- broke us once each set, but I thought that if we kept it we would have had a really good chance. They were struggling to break us. When we serve well, it's hard to break us and the key for us is our returns. Our returns are on and off. If we can keep the returns and always close in, we put a lot of pressure on the other team."

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