August, 2003 continued

Q: At what age did you start playing?
Catrina: "Six or seven. There was a free tennis camp at a park near our home and our dad took us over there."

Q: Where do you train?
Catrina: "We have a great coach at home, Ken, he's the professional at TTC (in Las Vegas) and he's worked with us for about four years. And we've worked with Rita Agassi and Craig Butcher. They were great too."
Christian: "We also play ourselves. We have courts in our complex.

Q: Is there anything else you do in your spare time?
Christian: "When we get home we're going to put our racquets down for about a week. We've been playing the whole summer -- going to $10,000 tournaments to see how we do. We won some main draw doubles matches. We'll be hanging out with our friends and our (other) sister.
Catrina: We enjoy spending time with them and our parents before we go off to college.
Christian: "I would also like to spend time with my dog."
Q: Are the two of you identical? (Throughout the tournament, Catrina wore a watch and a necklace so everyone could tell them apart.)
Christian: "They (video) recorded our match yesterday and from behind I couldn't tell the difference!"
Catrina: "That was just amazing.

Q: I was telling your parents how twins have done well in the NCAAs, but not women yet. We're counting on you.
Catrina: "We really look up to the Bryan brothers."
Q: I would suggest you play mixed doubles with the Bryan brothers. (Remember, you heard it here first!)

right-Christian; left-Catrina
* * *


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