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and great players. They're the nicest girls. We grew up with some of them playing Challenge Cup. I may not like the weather, but we'll have to get used to that."
Christian: I agree with Catrina completely. Also the tradition of Notre Dame is what helped us to decide to go there. We liked everything about the school and it felt like a good fit.

Q: Did you always plan to go to college together?
A (in unison): "Yes."
Christian: "We've never been apart. We had all the same classes in high school -- we asked for it because we were away a lot at tournaments. I think it would be tough if we went to different colleges. It wasn't even an option."

Q: What do you consider your best win?
Catrina: "I would have to say the Easter Bowl we won. It felt great to finally get a gold ball, a national championship. "

Q: How about a singles win?
Catrina: "The closest I probably got (to a singles trophy) was quarters."

Christian: "When you were little you beat Ashley Harkleroad."

Q: How about your best win?
Christian: "In doubles, winning the (International) Grasscourts was great. We had never played on grass before. We just went there last year to see what would happen and we ended up winning. I also beat Podkolvina and I beat Ashley Harkleroad once too."

Q: What tournament did you have the most fun at?
Catrina: "This tournament (the Super National Hardcourts). It's great. Andrea (Norman) and Jennifer (Pitzen) are just the nicest tournament directors and it's just so well put together. The weather is perfect and they give you ball kids. We have a lot relatives here too so we have a lot of support."

Q: What tournament would you like to play that you haven't played yet?
Catrina: "I'd have to say the US Open. We've played the juniors, but the main draw we were really hoping to get the wildcard to."
Christian: "It would have been a great experience.


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