August, 2003
19 years old (Date of Birth: 9/13/1984)

Christian and Catrina Thompson When I interview siblings, I always try to treat them as individuals. I find this to be more necessary with twins. Catrina and Christian Thompson are different. While they are definitely two individual people with different personalities, they have no problem with being "the Thompson twins."

I have been a fan of the Thompson twins since I first saw them play at the US Open Junior Championships. They are excellent players, they display wonderful sportsmanship and most of all they are nice girls. Players like to be on the court with them and tournament directors (like Andrea Norman, who gave the girls the Hardcourts Sportsmanship Award) find them a pleasure to have around.

Catrina & Christian have taken home national doubles titles from the Super National Hardcourts (3rd place 2003 & 2001), the Super National Claycourts (2nd place 2002; 1st place 2001), the International Grasscourts (1st place 2002), the Super National Winter Championships (1st place 2001; 2nd place 2000) and the Easter Bowl (1st 1998; 2nd place 2001). Though the only national singles title between them is Christian's win at the 1999 Penn Fiesta Bowl, they have each placed in enough tournaments to keep themselves in the top 100 of the singles rankings year after year.

I sat down with Catrina & Christian Thompson at what was their fourth consecutive Girls' 18 National Hardcourts appearance. They were a little disappointed about not winning the doubles tournament and the wildcard into the US Open main draw, but they were excited about going off to college.

by Marcia Frost

Q: What made you decide on Notre Dame?
Catrina: We love the coach and it's a team we know. They have great attitudes


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