December, 2006 continued

Q: Tell me about the movie you are making with Mad Dash Films?
A: "It is a documentary about up and coming Americans. Life on the road (with junior tennis players). To see how we prepare."

Q: Are you enjoying it or do you think it is distracting?
A: "I don't think it is distracting because they leave us alone when we are trying to focus. I think it's going to be a good movie. "

Q: What has been your best win?
A: "Probably my biggest win was against Donald Young a few years ago. We had a rivalry going. I played him in the Kentucky Grade 1 right after the U.S. Open. I played very well and came up with a win."

Q: What tournament did you have the most fun at?
A: "I've got to say the U.S. Open. That has to be my favorite tournament. I love the environment. I love the hotel. This year was my third year playing the U.S. Open (Junior Championships)."

Q: Is there a tournament you haven't played that you are looking forward to playing?
A: "This year I wanted to play the Italian Open, but I didn't get to go. Maybe next year."

Q: Where are you going when you finish the tournaments here (in Florida)?
A: "I'm going back home to Hawaii. I've got kind of a post-concussion a few weeks ago from doubles -- my partner hit me in the head. So I'm having some symptoms. This tournament (Eddie Herr) I had to retire from my first round in singles. We'll see how it goes."


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