December, 2005 continued

Q: Congratulations on the (Junior) Orange Bowl. What made you play the 14s?
A: "It was just my last year and I thought I had a pretty good chance there. It just happened that the Junior Orange Bowl and the Orange Bowl were two different tournaments on different dates so I figured 'why not?' We were there anyway."

Q: You do bounce a lot from age group to age group.
A: "No, I've actually kind of stuck in the 18s. That was my last 14s. I haven't played 14s in awhile. I don't really play the 16s, but I have a ranking there because I play the 18s and it goes for all three. I don't think I've played anything in the 16s."

Q: So you are staying in the 18s from now on?
A: "Definitely."

Q: What made you play this tournament (the National Open Indoors)?
A: "It's close to home and I haven't had too much practice since I got here (New York). I'm going to Australia next week so I thought this would be good practice for that."

Q: Are you playing anything there before the Open?
A: "I'm doing Nottinghill and then I hope to get into the Australian Open. I'm eighth alternate for the Qualifying."

Q: Where do you consider home -- New York or California?
A: "New York. I'll always consider home New York. I just train in California at the Weil Tennis Academy."

Q: Is there anyone in particular you train with there?
A: "There's a coaching staff of nine coaches and they all help me out with different parts of my game."


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